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Haris Epaminonda



As we continue with the lucky series of plain-spoken press releases, arises from the text “How NOT TO write a press release”, we reach the end of another season (from September to July). Year #51 of this wonderful adventure… When we first met Haris Epaminonda as a promising young [...]

Mario García Torres

gettare la spugna

24.02 - 08.05.2024

I can say that Mario García Torres follows the tracks of some lucky colleagues with a three-word name: Félix González-Torres, James Lee Byars, Cerith Wyn Evans, Gino De Dominicis, Alighiero e Boetti. It was precisely through Alighiero that we met on Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore, where [...]

Sheila Hicks/Nedko Solakov

Flying colors in yarn and water

18.11 - 14.02.2024

I can say that with Sheila Hicks our gallery’s programme took an unexpected detour. The introduction and the use of textiles, fabrics, yarns, shifts the attention towards areas that have so far been unexplored or rather, explored by isolated artists who are pioneers of a very contrasting [...]

Daniel Buren

Cinquant’anni dopo. La nona mostra. Lavori in situ e situati

23.09 - 11.11.2023

July 2023 The art year begins in September and ends after Basel, in July. This year it is very warm and everyone is looking for fresh ideas to not get burned. I don’t want to interrupt this need and disturb with false cultural proposals. We all know very well that gallerists always try to [...]



13.05 - 26.07.2023

These ghosts (Questi fantasmi) A comedy by Eduardo di Filippo that sees actors like Marcello Mastroianni, Franca Valeri, Renato Rascel, to name but a few, rise to fame.There are phantasms, phantoms, ghosts of every kind, often dwelling after death in castles that they do not want to leave and [...]

Anish Kapoor/Giulio Paolini

16.02 - 02.05.2023

Dear Anish, dear Giulio, this is, respectively, your sixth and seventh solo exhibition presented at the gallery. It therefore came naturally to ask you for a meeting in the space that had seen you separately as protagonists. Your two opposing attitudes are now recomposed here. Not only the works [...]

Giulio Paolini

Momenti della verità

26.11 - 19.01.2023

WRITING AT NIGHT   My story with Giulio Paolini dates back to 1976; it is a story in seven acts, some corollaries, many external adventures (Rocca di Angera, Triennale, etc) and then letters, books, trips, museum exhibitions. We have lost count, but our relationship is all the stronger. If I [...]

Wilfredo Prieto

rama de monedas

24.09 - 15.11.2022

What is Rama de Monedas? Dead easy, it is Pinocchio! In the Field of Miracles, the Fox and the Cat dig a hole in the ground to plant the gold coins that the puppet was carrying, having promised him that one day they would grow into trees and multiply. Pinocchio is a gullible simpleton; actually, [...]

Enzo Mari

07.05 - 27.07.2022

A METHOD ARISING FROM THE INITIAL RESEARCH INTO THE PERCEPTIVE AMBIGUITY OF THREE-DIMENSIONAL SPACE It is almost impossible to define Enzo Mari. An artist, an industrial designer, an architect, a graphic artist, as well as a theorist, a pedagogue, an intellectual, possibly a philosopher, a utopian: [...]

Ludovica Anversa/Maryam Hoseini/Rebecca Ackroyd

cadavre exquis

12.03 - 27.04.2022

Finding a title for an exhibition is never easy, but in this particular case it has certainly been fun. Though the connection between the works of Rebecca Ackroyd, Ludovica Anversa and Maryam Hoseini may seem obvious to a degree, all of them use a very different language and can be read in [...]

Maurizio Donzelli/Paolo Novelli

Immaginale/Il giorno non basta

15.01 - 05.03.2022

Those who veil knowingly arouse in the viewer the desire to see more [...]

Jonathan Monk

fritto misto

13.11 - 21.12.2021

“People who have tried it, tell me that a clear conscience makes you very happy and contented; but a full stomach does the business quite as well, and is cheaper, and more easily obtained” – Jerome K. Jerome, Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog) Ancient Romans used food to [...]

Alberto Garutti

Alberto Garutti

11.09 - 06.11.2021

We cannot look the other way. I really love this “show”, which takes place – finds its place, I daresay its haven-, in Galleria (Minini) as in a natural harbour where we can drop anchor once again. The show has my total partisan support. So much so that when we take it down in two [...]

Ceal Floyer

15.05 - 23.07.2021

On the occasion of her first solo show with the Gallery, (Ceal) Floyer watches as we walk along the path leading to the entrance. A panel of the frosted glass door stands out in its transparency affording a glimpse of the gallery’s interior, apparently empty. Somebody is coming to the door [...]

Peter Halley

new paintings

27.02 - 30.04.2021

This is not a press release. But, please, keep reading. The murderer is only uncovered in a thriller’s last page. As I have already stated in a text written for a similar event (How NOT TO Write a Press Release), a press release must be in disguise and appear to be something else. If you [...]

Titina Maselli e le città visibili

30.01 - 20.02.2021

Titina Maselli painted cityscapes, in full daylight and at dusk, with neon lights and signs, overhead tram lines cutting through a lit background, yellow and red modular skyscrapers. In her cities lived, fell and ran footballers, boxers and cyclists, captured in the act of giving or receiving the [...]

puro e disposto a salire a le stelle

14.11 - 23.01.2021

Riding on the back of Pegasus, the mythical winged horse, Perseus, son of the King of the Gods, defeat medusa and flees eastwards. From the Greek pēgḗ, “spring, fountain, fountain fed by a spring”, he dominates the sky in November nights. A rebirth story that, today more than ever, leaves no [...]

Stefano Arienti / Eva Marisaldi

19.09 - 07.11.2020

Saturday 19th September 2020, annus horribilis, Eva Marisaldi and Stefano Arienti, two delicate champions of their generation, will hold the umpteenth show in our gallery. Umpteenth because they have held many ─not too many, but enough to give us a precise idea of their respective work. Work that [...]

Ryan Mendoza/Albert Samson

9/NEIN & Dipinti

05.06 - 12.09.2020

With these two solo shows, we renew our interest in figurative painting and its big comeback. In truth, the figure has been back for a while; actually, it was never completely gone. Indeed, behind the comeback are the same artists who had shut the door on it. Let’s think for a moment… [...]

Yona Friedman

Sculpting the Void – une proposition de Yona Friedman avec Le Fonds de Dotation Denise et Yona Friedman

26.01 - 29.05.2020

“I was often trying to define architecture as sculpting the void. Indeed, the material that makes architecture is penetrable empty space. You can appreciate it from inside. But emptiness in itself is not visible. Something must contain it. Architectural space is contained generally within a box. [...]

Expanded Painting

09.11 - 11.01.2020

The news is that, after having been allegedly apart for years, painting and sculpture are at last starting to work together. Painting, which has long occupied the flat surfaces of museums, Kunsthalle, Foundations, and galleries, now wishes to expand its horizons and invade the exhibition space.The [...]

David Maljkovic


21.09 - 31.10.2019

glimpses, the third solo show of David Maljković at the gallery, presents elements coming from both the Gallerist and the artist. The exhibition revolves around a network of different signs, fragments, transformations of artifacts that refer to the worlds mentioned. The artworks, in dialogue with [...]

Haris Epaminonda


13.04 - 25.07.2019

Let’s take back the Arts, let’s take back the Planet. Sinister creaking sounds can be heard here and there; even the ugly birds of ill omen are announcing UFOs, meteorites, prophecies. The nuclear fear behind us ─how come we are no longer afraid?─ we come up with a new fear. Yet, [...]

Ariel Schlesinger

we started with a flame

09.02 - 30.03.2019

Something small and ephemeral hides surrounded by tons of matter. Study, craftsmanship and ingenuity merge to construct something monumental, epic. Variations on destruction and abandonment looked upon with a positive eye and turned into construction and creation. Reflections on everyday beauty, on [...]

Paolo Icaro

Alla ricerca dell’equilibrio perduto – Curated by Chiara Bertola

25.11 - 31.01.2019

From: Massimo Minini Sent: Thursday 8 November 2018 12:19 To: Paolo Icaro Paolo, the big day is approaching. I hope you will be pleased with the whole thing, which promises to be a great comeback. You see, I believe a bold, dramatic comeback is better than the dragging weariness of a long-term [...]

Carla Accardi

22.09 - 17.11.2018

The gallery has insisted I write a press release for Carla Accardi. Two exhibitions in two spaces, mine in Brescia and Francesca’s in Milan, for a single project. I gave it a few tries, before realizing that Carla simply doesn’t need a press release. Everybody already knows who she was, [...]

Bertrand Lavier/Mathieu Mercier

13.05 - 08.09.2018

Bertrand Lavier was already well known in the ‘70s, with photographic works that had been in the Venice Biennale, but I met him in Paris, at Eric Fabre’s, where I saw a beautiful show, by a young surprising man. Large objects, a grand piano among other things, slathered with big daubs of [...]

Da uno a dieci: artists make carpets

24.03 - 19.05.2018

“Da uno a dieci” starts out as a joke. It emanates from one of my passions — a passion for carpets and rugs that goes back a long way, stirred up by Seth [...]

Armando Andrade Tudela

huesos de bambú

27.01 - 17.03.2018

Dear Massimo, many apologies for my delay. Writing these notes has taken more time than expected. The reason is that there have been many versions of this show and by extension, any attempt to annotate and describe a definitive reading has felt unnatural. These notes are about some of these [...]

Antonio Marras

sei per sei

25.11 - 21.01.2018

The world Marras comes from and moves in is a special one. It’s an island world, Sardinia, with its own powerful identity, its own culture, its own language and history, prehistory even. One day in Milan I went to the Triennale -that very special place- and with some surprise, found an exhibition [...]

Vanessa Beecroft

30.09 - 11.11.2017

What can I say? I’m really very fond of Vanessa. I could end this press release right there. Can you imagine? Massimo Minini publicly confesses to his affection for VB. Maybe just looking to go viral? To grab a little attention in an unimaginative world where press releases invariably start off [...]

Shusaku Arakawa

Seventeen works

29.06 - 29.07.2017

Can art be put at the service of the mind? Marcel Duchamp made this a principle, Shusaku Arakawa made it a reality. Arakawa, an artist who was anything but local in his thinking, left Japan to plunge into the New York scene of the ’60s. With one goal: to create mental art, a science of [...]

Wilfredo Prieto

swan bones

12.04 - 27.05.2017

Recognize a shaky graph in a broken line made up of rough wooden poles. Imagine the infinity symbol as a road taking you on an ongoing, never-ending journey. Project, from a bright beacon, a small beam of negligent colours. Stop and think: a golden chain is still a chain; a scented orchid will [...]

Anish Kapoor

Wall Drawings

20.01 - 30.03.2017

The walls of a great sculptor’s studio are like the walls of a Stone Age cave, like the carved rock of Tassili, Mont Bégo, Val Camonica, those grand sites that swarm with the marks of Prehistory. Sculptors can sometimes be messier than painters: the latter often have nice worktables, pencils, [...]

Jonathan Monk

Wall drawing covered by wall (uncovered)

26.11 - 12.01.2017

We’d been to Berlin many times, for all kinds of shows and events, and we’d met dozens of artists, of varying talent. But never him: Jonathan Monk. Our beloved Ariel (Schlesinger) had told us he lived in Prenzlauer Berg. In a three-story house, with a big garden out back. After various emails, [...]

Giovanni Anselmo/Paolo Mussat Sartor

01.10 - 20.11.2016

I met Giovanni Anselmo at the Sperone Gallery on Corso San Maurizio in Turin, back when I would go on pilgrimages to that temple of Arte Povera and minimalism: a radical, humble, austere space, concrete floor with little holes left by the roller, expansion anchors, white walls… In those days, [...]

Paolo Novelli/Sabrina Mezzaqui

La notte non basta/I quaderni di Adriano

30.06 - 24.09.2016

And now, to wind up a season of so many adventures—six fairs (Paris, Turin, New York, Milan, Brussels, and soon, Basel), major shows (David Malkovic, Enzo Mari, John Hilliard, Sheila Hicks, Roger Ballen), the publication of four short books in a new 15×15 cm series (Stanley Brouwn, Enzo [...]

Roger Ballen

The House Project – Curated by Didi Bozzini

14.05 - 17.06.2016

“Home” is not just a common name of a thing. “Home” is a huge and complicated idea which in itself includes more, much more. Time, people, matters, feelings, dreams, images, memories, possibilities. A life, so many lives. The Life. When you are thinking about your life, you [...]

Sheila Hicks


07.05 - 22.06.2016

Sheila Hicks touches materials and transforms them, through tiny shifts in meaning. She takes skeins of yarn and linen, untwines them, recomposes them, and these materials, which no one would have given a second look in a shop window, become uselessly beautiful, an object of [...]

John Hilliard

Town and Country

19.03 - 02.05.2016

John has always practiced an ambiguous kind of photography. At first glance, it’s not clear what’s going on. It takes time to understand his work; slight shifts of image and meaning slowly overlap to form the final picture—assuming there is one, as opposed to two or [...]

Landon Metz


23.01 - 12.03.2016

Landon draws fields on the white canvas, then fills them with color, the way Wolfgang Laib fills his sculptures with milk. He moves the color around until he has used up the desired form. His painting occupies space, like Morris Louis’s or Helen Frankenthaler’s; his work alters the place, like [...]

Enzo Mari

eliminare il superfluo per ritrovare l’essenziale

21.11 - 16.01.2016

An archive I visited for the first time a few months ago, at 10 Piazzale Baracca, a space that was Enzo Mari’s home and then became his studio, an all-encompassing Wunderkammer of gathered, accumulated, catalogued and stored memories, where he has worked for over fifty years; a place where [...]

David Maljkovic

With the gallery

26.09 - 14.11.2015

...the show will present images of the gallery “arranged” with his customary methods and objects of ours organized into groups, collected and exhibited on shelves in midair, to be looked at from below, in the attempt to grasp not only the work of this young genius, but the work of a now [...]

Dan Graham

A new work with curves

09.05 - 05.09.2015

Another show with Dan Graham, and in his case as well, forty years have gone by since our first, in [...]

Ariel Schlesinger

hands make mistakes

14.03 - 29.04.2015

hands make mistakes suggests that something sudden and seemingly unintended is about to happen. Schlesinger’s work constantly explores how a negative event can be turned into a positive one, how something out of the ordinary can become a creative possibility. And so even the mistakes of the hands [...]

Paolo Gioli/Joel-Peter Witkin

17.01 - 05.03.2015

An exhibition that brings together two huge names in international photography: Joel-Peter Witkin (b. 1939 in Brooklyn) and Paolo Gioli (b. 1942 in Rovigo, Italy). These photographic giants, who have been anxious to encounter each other for quite some time, are finally meeting up through the [...]

Stanley Brouwn

22.11 - 10.01.2015

Stanley Brouwn is one of the most radical figures in conceptual art; since the very early Sixties, he has pursued a form of expression connected to bodily measurements – his own and other people’s. One famous example of his work is This Way Brouwn, drawings that came from asking passers-by for [...]

Nedko Solakov

A Group Show #2

27.09 - 15.11.2014

“At Art Unlimited a few years back, I presented Nedko Solakov’s work A Beauty: a big white whale with a snowy pelt of fake fur. Inside its belly, like Jonah, was a shining painted moon, but to see it, you had to get down on your knees with your rump in the air… As I’m [...]

Daniel Buren

Lavori luminosi

24.05 - 13.09.2014

Già quarantanni! November 1974 – May 2014 ­ In 1973, while trying to figure out the programming for the gallery I was about to open, I visited a few artists to announce the upcoming launch. One was Daniel Buren, whom I’d known for some time. So I went to Paris,and told him about my new [...]

Haris Epaminonda


25.03 - 17.05.2014

How does one go about writing a press release for a young artist who’s yet to be well known, whose work is delicate, lyrical, evolving, weaving its own poetry day by day around ideas that are deep and firm, but still in the making? How does one go about describing a show primarily made up [...]

John Isaacs

The Architecture of Empathy

18.01 - 08.03.2014

For his first show in Italy, John Isaacs is presenting a single new work in the main room of the gallery: a large sculpture, made out of Carrara marble, whose traditional technique calls to mind a famous artwork from the past. It is a very striking physical presence that summons up varied insights [...]

Quarantanni d’arte contemporanea. Massimo Minini 1973- 2013

18.11 - 02.02.2014

La Triennale di Milano presenta: “Quarantanni d’artecontemporanea. Massimo Minini 1973-2013”, una grande mostra per festeggiare quarant’anni di attività della Galleria Minini. La mostra è costituita da opere passate dalla Galleria Minini, un vero e proprio spaccato di storia [...]

Monica Bonvicini

Then to see the days again and night never never be too high

28.09 - 20.12.2013

Monica Bonvicini’s practice combines a meticulous attention to form with an equally pressing examination of the social aspect of architecture and public space, as well as how it can be used to construct sexual identity. Her sculptures, installations, photographs and videos question the neutrality [...]

Roger Ballen/Ryan Mendoza/Paul P.

05.06 - 26.07.2013

This Is a Working Title (The Exhibition as Explained to Tommaso) Tommaso is a beautiful little boy, just six months old. He has an attentive gaze and a devastating smile. His grandfather Massimo, well acquainted with his precocious intelligence, is convinced that you could even talk to him about an [...]

Hans-Peter Feldmann/Pier Paolo Calzolari

13.04 - 29.05.2013

Another duet in the celebrations for our forty-year milestone, which among other things, involve the publication of a five-hundred-page book about our work. Let’s just say we’re putting together a season in which we ourselves are curating the shows, unlike all the previous ones, where the [...]

Ettore Spalletti/Sol LeWitt

02.02 - 06.04.2013

Another installment in the series of double solo shows that may well continue for the entire season, to celebrate our first forty years in business. The gallery opened its doors in 1973, and we’ve even resurrected our original A4 invitation format of the time – more simple and [...]

Carla Accardi/Peter Halley

17.11 - 19.01.2013

“CARLA ACCARDI non ha bisogno di commenti o presentazioni. Regina dell’arte italiana, viene da lontano, dal dopoguerra del segno e della forma. Meno considerata dei suoi amici maschi, li ha poi superati quasi tutti nella volata finale, frutto di grande fiato, testa, mano, resistenza e bravura. [...]

Letizia Battaglia/Francesca Woodman

22.09 - 10.11.2012

“I never got the chance to meet FRANCESCA WOODMAN, even though she lived in Rome for a few months between 1977 and 1978. I went there often in those days to see artists, friends, critics. I associated with the art world that surprised me at the time, seen through the eyes of colleagues who lived [...]

Olivo Barbieri

Site specific_08 11

11.05 - 28.07.2012

For his first solo show at Galleria Massimo Minini, Olivo Barbieri is presenting a series of 17 large-scale photographs that explore the form of contemporary cities and the way space is perceived. Seen from above, the city looks like a giant scale model, ruled by a motionless time that coincides [...]

Masao Yamamoto


24.04 - 16.06.2012

“Living in the forest, I feel the presence of many treasures breathing quietly in nature. I call this presence “Shizuka.” “Shizuka” means cleansed, pure, clear, and untainted. I walk around the forest and harvest my “Shizuka” treasures from soil.  I try to catch the faint light [...]

Robert Barry

Different Times Different Works

17.03 - 05.05.2012

The fourth solo show by Robert Barry (b. 1936 in New York) at Galleria Massimo Minini encompasses various types of work that the artist has experimented over his long artistic career. As the title suggests, it includes pieces both old and new, of different dimensions and in different mediums, all [...]

Giulio Paolini

14.01 - 10.03.2012

For his sixth solo show at Galleria Massimo Minini, Giulio Paolini has created four new large-scale works. Each room houses a single piece, its title evoking another one previously exhibited by the artist at the same gallery. “The new, unexpected elements in these images nonetheless incorporate [...]

Eva Marisaldi

Democratic Psychedelia

17.11 - 05.01.2012

This project (whose title plays on the term “Democratic Psychiatry”, an Italian movement that pushed for the reform of mental hospitals in the 1970s) is focused on the workings of the mind. It emerged from the study of various subjects: assisted-living facilities for the elderly, memory, the [...]

Paul P.

Dry Neptune

17.11 - 12.01.2012

WHAT’S GOING ON OUT THERE? (The Paintings of Paul P.) This isn’t the umpteenth ode to the return of Painting, in part because Painting has never really left us. Painting, that elderly aunt—that beautiful oil on canvas, with its universe of naked women, landscapes and still lifes—is an [...]

Paolo Chiasera


24.09 - 12.11.2011

An art exhibition is first and foremost a mental vision, a concept that links the works together and through them, attempts to give a meaningful structure to the world. It is therefore the visual content of an insight that the artist conveys through the medium of painting, among other means, and [...]

Paolo Gioli

Dietro il volto

24.09 - 12.11.2011

GIOLI, Ligio gilio GIOLI è un fotografo senza macchina. GIOLI fotografa teste e corpi usando la testa. GIOLI fa foto polverose come le bottiglie di Morandi. GIOLI scava sempre nello stesso punto: corpo e testa. GIOLI non rifiuta la tecnica fotografica, ne approfitta. GIOLI vive sotto l’ [...]

Paolo Novelli

Interiors – Curated by Arturo Carlo Quintavalle

28.05 - 17.09.2011

Esterno giorno. Sole. Stai percorrendo in auto una strada che costeggia un lago lombardo. Ad un tratto imbocchi un tunnel, un vecchio e lungo tunnel, poco illuminato e con muri segnati dal tempo. Hai appena percorso qualche centinaia di metri ed ecco, d’improvviso, vedi qualcosa in mezzo alla [...]

Ian Hamilton Finlay

Mean Terms

28.05 - 17.09.2011

Eighteen years after his first exhibition at our gallery and five years after his death, we pay tribute to Ian Hamilton Finlay. An artist, poet and visionary philosopher, he started with concrete poetry and developed his own method, full of quotations, and gave concrete form to phrases and literary [...]

Letizia Cariello (Letia)

Don Don

02.04 - 21.05.2011

Letizia Cariello’s first solo show at the gallery is presented in three stages that open with Travel Stick, with which the artist appears symbolically to accompany visitors through her work, drawing inspiration from the portable installations that pilgrims used to take with them along the Via [...]

Gabriele Basilico/Dan Graham

Unidentified Modern City. Globalized Brescia

02.04 - 21.05.2011

A rather unexpected book entitled Walker Evans & Dan Graham was published a few years back. A bridge over the decades of American art, with two quite different artists who have something in common. I talked about it to Dan, a long-time friend of mine, who described the book as an editorial [...]

Massimo Minini: una storia contemporanea

19.02 - 17.04.2011

CONTEMPORANEA è il nome dello spazio d’arte, in corsetto sant’Agata 22, nel piano interrato della loggia delle mercanzie, a Brescia. CONTEMPORANEA potrebbe essere un femminile oppure un plurale latino. CONTEMPORANEA è comunque l’arte che qui viene regolarmente esposta, in uno spazio privato [...]

Nedko Solakov


12.02 - 26.03.2011

Narration is often at the centre of Nedko Solakov’s works and we find it featuring in the new works created for his second solo exhibition at the gallery. A blend of irony, surrealism and romanticism, Solakov’s little stories entwine with the gilt trickles of ancient frames, vivaciously follow [...]

David Maljkovic

Retired Form

27.11 - 02.02.2011

For his first solo show at our gallery, David Maljković is presenting two 16mm films titled Images With Their Own Shadows and Retired Form, in addition to a series of collages. Maljković’s work focuses on the concepts of historical and cultural heritage, particularly as they relate to his own [...]

Luigi Ghirri

Project Prints

09.10 - 20.11.2010

La Galleria Massimo Minini in collaborazione con il Fondo di Luigi Ghirri presenta la mostra LUIGI GHIRRI – Project Prints, a cura di Elena Re. Attraverso un’ampia e approfondita selezione di project prints fatta presso il Fondo di Luigi Ghirri, la mostra offre uno sguardo sulle principali [...]

Mario Dondero/Franco Piavoli

09.10 - 20.11.2010

Questa mostra nasce da un progetto, United Artists of Italy, realizzato un paio di anni fa. L’importanza della fotografia nel mondo delle arti, la caduta delle differenze tra fotografia e arte, l’assunzione e direi lo sdoganamento della fotografia – comunque avvenuto da anni [...]

Paul Thorel

Al pari di un Profilo

02.09 - 02.10.2010

Con la prima mostra in galleria di Paul Thorel proseguiamo la collaborazione tra arte e scrittura con alcuni tra i più interessanti scrittori contemporanei. Dopo Tiziano Scarpa per Anish Kapoor, per questa occasione abbiamo chiesto ad Aldo Nove di scrivere un testo per il catalogo che raccoglierà [...]

Anish Kapoor

26.05 - 30.07.2010

Anish Kapoor’s fourth show at Galleria Massimo Minini—previous ones having been held in 1996, 1998, and 2004—marks the inauguration of our new exhibition space. To highlight the importance of this occasion, rather than drafting the usual press release in-house, we decided to ask a well-known [...]

Stefano Arienti

10.04 - 22.05.2010

Stefano Arienti è nostro ospite in galleria per la quinta volta, un record di presenze che lo proietta nell’empireo dei nostri artisti più amati. Incentrata su una riflessione del tutto personale sui concetti di decorazione e pittura, quest’ultima mostra ci svela solo rappresentazioni di [...]

Sabrina Mezzaqui

Giocatori di perle

23.01 - 04.03.2010

Sabrina Mezzaqui, in occasione della sua quarta personale presso la Galleria Minini, attinge a diverse tradizioni filosofiche, religiose, letterarie per impostare una mostra-biblioteca. Tutti i lavori presentati nascono infatti da libri che l’artista ha letto e reinterpretato. Le modalità di [...]

Yona Friedman

Cartoline Postali – Curated by Maurizio Bortolotti

31.10 - 09.01.2010

The great architect Yona Friedman’s first exhibition in an Italian art gallery focuses on an architectural interpretation of two Italian cities, Brescia and Venice, which belong to the same area despite subtle differences. Friedman’s works range from his central concept of Ville Spatiale, [...]

Ian Wilson

Discussioni Individuali

10.10 - 11.10.2009

Together with Brussels’ Galérie Jan Mot, I will be presenting at Art Unlimited at the forthcoming edition of Art Basel 41, from 14 to 20 June, the work by Ian Wilson, a conceptual artist known for his discussions. Ian Wilson will hold two discussions a day, at 12 noon and at 5pm, for small [...]

Woodman, LeWitt, Accardi

14.05 - 30.07.2009

I met Sol in 1972 when I was working for Flash Art. I saw him appear in the doorway on the fourth floor of the building in Viale Piave in Milan where the editorial office was at that time. We had published a rather brutal advertisement for a German gallery against his work and he [...]

Roger Ballen

21.03 - 07.05.2009

Galleria Massimo Minini is delighted to present their first Roger Ballen exhibition in Italy. The exhibition will feature twenty photographs taken from the Phaidon Press books entitled Shadow Chamber, 2004 and ten from his latest book Boarding House, 2009. Ballen’s pictures are journeys, day [...]

Mario Cresci/Paolo Mussat Sartor

07.02 - 15.03.2009

La doppia mostra di Mario Cresci e Paolo Mussat Sartor nasce dalla recente avventura della collezione ‘United Artists of Italy’ che ha portato la nostra galleria ad avvicinarsi al mondo della fotografia italiana. Se la mostra citata è un corpus di ritratti fatti dai grandi fotografi italiani, [...]

Paolo Chiasera

The Origin of Black Brain

22.11 - 30.01.2009

After being displayed at Palazzo delle Esposizioni during the Quadriennale in Rome, the great painting dubbed ‘Black Brain 1’ at Massimo Minini gallery has been inserted in a reflecting steel cylinder, thus returning to its principle of pure memory, oblivion and focus on the idea. The mirroring [...]

Mathieu Mercier

27.09 - 15.11.2008

The Massimo Minini Gallery is delighted to announce the third exhibition by Mathieu Mercier (France, 1970). Mercier’s work analyses the role of objects in art and their links with the environment from whence they come, with emphasis on the symbolic yet practical function of consumer products, [...]

Vanessa Beecroft

VB61 e VB South Sudan

13.06 - 14.09.2008

“Somewhere in the World” is the theme of the International Biennale of Photography held in prestigious venues in the city of Brescia from 12th June to 14th September 2008. One of the highlights of the 2008 edition is a personal exhibition by Vanessa Beecroft at the Piccolo Miglio and Grande [...]

Serse/Attilio Maranzano


20.05 - 26.07.2008

Attilio Maranzano and  Serse’s visit to the Brion tomb, a monumental complex a few miles from Asolo, in the province of Treviso, built by Carlo Scarpa between 1969 and 1978, was the starting point for the project now presented at the Massimo Minini Gallery. The tomb’s complex architectural [...]

Peter Halley e Alessandro Mendini

20.03 - 17.05.2008

Massimo Minini is delighted to announce a collaboration between artist Peter Halley and architect Alessandro Mendini at Galleria Massimo Minini. In their first collaborative effort, Halley and Mendini will transform the Massimo Minini Gallery into a Gesamtkunstwerk, combining Halley’s paintings [...]

Alberto Garutti

07.02 - 08.03.2008

Il mio amico Alberto Garutti presenta una mostra che si articola attorno a cinque opere create appositamente per il mio spazio e per la città di Brescia. L’intera mostra ruota attorno ai luoghi di Brescia che mi sono più cari, al particolare contesto della città, all’immaginario dei [...]

Giulio Paolini

Zeusi e Parrasio

22.11 - 26.01.2008

Giulio Paolini’s work Zeusi e Parrasio, after which the exhibition is named, refers to two Greek painters of the late classic period. Zeusi and Parrasio are the creators of lost works, historic figures whose biographic profile is rather vague, and sometimes merges with legend. In the work, [...]

Nedko Solakov

A Group Show

29.09 - 17.11.2007

Entitled ‘A Group Show’, to mark his first one-man exhibition at our gallery, Nedko Solakov (1957, Cherven Briag, Bulgaria ) makes reference to the fact that at the beginning of his career, in the early 90’s, his work was not so easily identifiable. It was almost as if his works came from the [...]

Luigi Ghirri

Verso un’idea di paesaggio – Curated by Elena Re

14.04 - 31.05.2007

The Massimo Minini Gallery, in cooperation with the Fondo Eredi Luigi Ghirri, is happy to announce the exhibition Luigi Ghirri – Towards an idea of landscape, curated by Elena Re. Based on a selection of vintage prints carried out at the Fondo Eredi Luigi Ghirri and of some modern prints curated [...]

Hans-Peter Feldmann

24.02 - 07.04.2007

For his first one-man exhibition at the Massimo Minini Gallery, Hans-Peter Feldmann (Dusseldorf, 1941) presents a group of works through different media, first of all photography and sculpture. Hans-Peter Feldmann started his research at the end of the seventies, when he focused his attention on [...]

Maurizio Donzelli


19.01 - 17.02.2007

The Massimo Minini Gallery is happy to announce Maurizio Donzelli’s solo exhibition. Drawing is the starting point. Drawing is study, thought, creation. Drawing for Maurizio Donzelli is a spontaneous push that makes it possible to turn notions and ideas into concrete and visible works. The act of [...]

Daniel Buren/Jan De Cock

Denkmal 4, Casa del Fascio, Piazza del Popolo 4, Como, 2006

05.10 - 22.12.2006

The projects developed by Daniel Buren and Jan De Cock on three locations in Italy present an ever different approach through the use of the same materials: white laminate covered fiberboard for Jan De Cock, reflecting surfaces with stripes of 8,7cm width in white and the green color for Daniel [...]

Francesca Woodman

08.06 - 01.09.2006

In occasione della Biennale Internazionale di Fotografia di Brescia la Galleria Massimo Minini presenta una mostra dedicata a Francesca Woodman. Le fotografie in mostra sono tutte rigorosamente in bianco e nero, scattate tra il 1972 e il 1981, anno in cui la fotografa, appena ventitreenne, si [...]

Sabrina Mezzaqui

Quando le parole atterrano

13.05 - 31.07.2006

Per entrare nel lavoro di Sabrina Mezzaqui ci vogliono tempo, pazienza, curiosità e una particolare sensibilità. Nonostante le opere possiedano in sé una raffinatezza e una poesia che emergono semplicemente, solo uno sguardo attento può apprezzare il lavoro meticoloso che Mezzaqui ogni volta [...]

Carla Accardi

Cenni e barlumi

18.03 - 06.05.2006

La Galleria Massimo Minini è lieta di presentare la quarta mostra personale di Carla Accardi. “Adesso ci ritroviamo qui, davanti a queste sette tele, datate 2005. La stessa misura ogni volta, ogni volta un colore solo, steso direttamente sulla tela grezza. Sette colori, pieni, semplici, senza [...]

Stefano Arienti/Eva Marisaldi/Mario Airò

21.01 - 11.03.2006

La Galleria Massimo Minini è lieta di presentare un progetto che unisce per la prima volta in una mostra i lavori di Mario Airò, Stefano Arienti ed Eva Marisaldi. I tre artisti, che hanno già esposto in galleria negli ultimi anni, appartengono alla stessa generazione ed i loro percorsi, pur [...]

Ettore Sottsass


26.11 - 20.01.2006

La Galleria Massimo Minini è lieta di presentare Metafore, una serie di cinquanta fotografie scattate tra il 1972 e il 1978 durante i lunghi viaggi di Ettore Sottsass in Europa, negli Stati Uniti e in Medio Oriente. Cinque sono i gruppi in cui il progetto si suddivide: Disegni per i destini [...]

Robert Barry

24.09 - 25.11.2005

The Massimo Minini Gallery is happy to announce Robert Barry’s (NY 1936) solo exhibition. Robert Barry started his research work in the mid-sixties and soon became one of the conceptual art protagonists. His work investigates space and the artistic operational system. The artist’s interest for [...]

Vanessa Beecroft

Performance VB 53

28.05 - 01.09.2005

For her second one-woman exhibition at the Massimo Minini Gallery, Vanessa Beecroft presents a group of large pictures and the video Performance VB53 realized at the Tepidarium in Florence’s Horticultural Garden in 2004. This is one of Beecroft’s most recent performances and was commissioned by [...]

Sol LeWitt

19.03 - 18.05.2005

Massimo Minini Gallery is happy to announce a series of new sculpture works by the American artist Sol LeWitt. Sol LeWitt, whose personality emerged in the early 1960s, is considered to be one of the most important exponents of Minimalism and Conceptual art and is primarily known for his big Wall [...]

Sabrina Torelli


22.01 - 05.03.2005

La Galleria Massimo Minini è lieta di presentare Aurora un nuovo progetto di Sabrina Torelli. Aurora, principio, risveglio, aurea hora, ora splendente, è il momento in cui la notte lascia spazio alla luce del sole e ha inizio un nuovo giorno. Dagli antichi era detta oro filosofale, il tempo in [...]

Anish Kapoor


25.09 - 23.12.2004

Massimo Minini Gallery will present a unique event for the opening of the new exhibition season: a large Anish Kapoor’s installation which will be specially created for the gallery. The English artist’s sculpture explores the surrounding space and changes the viewer’s perception, as the work [...]

Elisabetta Catalano

Action portrait

10.06 - 05.09.2004

In occasione della Biennale Internazionale di Fotografia di Brescia la Galleria Massimo Minini è lieta di presentare la mostra personale di Elisabetta Catalano. Elisabetta Catalano fotografa da anni il mondo che passa da Roma, città abitata da personaggi straordinari che danno luce alla [...]

Mathieu Mercier

24.04 - 05.06.2004

La Galleria Massimo Minini presenta la mostra di Mathieu Mercier, artista francese vincitore del Premio Marcel Duchamp 2003. “Il pubblico ha cominciato a familiarizzare con gli oggetti e le installazioni di Mathieu Mercier dalla fine degli anni ’90. Con questi lavori l’artista interrogava [...]

Ryan Mendoza

Fear in a Time of Superheroes

15.04 - 08.05.2004

Fear in a Time of Superheroes ovvero come il frutto partorito dai mass media ondeggia tra nulla e qualcosa della vita. “Consapevolezza, conoscenza, surplus d’informazione in tempo reale, così ché anche i morti mostrati non sono più morti, ma solo fantocci. Fantocci domestici, abiti della [...]

QU. 3 Don’t Expect Anything – Curated by Luca Cerizza

11.03 - 17.04.2004

Don’t Expect Anything è la terza ed ultima parte del progetto QU., curato da Luca Cerizza per la Galleria Massimo Minini. La mostra è concepita come una riflessione su alcune delle tematiche più caratteristiche e ricorrenti della Conceptual Art, dalle sue origini agli ultimissimi sviluppi. [...]

Eva Marisaldi


31.01 - 06.03.2004

Eva Marisaldi presenta lavori inediti realizzati in seguito ad un’esperienza in Madagascar, un viaggio molto lontano che l’ha condotta alla scoperta di un ricco bottino di sollecitazioni da interpretare attraverso una serie di nuovi progetti. “Due persone vanno lontano per un progetto, e [...]

Daniel Buren

Les Parallèles, Travaux in situ

15.11 - 17.01.2004

Inaugura sabato 15 Novembre la quarta mostra di Daniel Buren nella nostra galleria. La prima è stata “ GOTICO”, nel 1974, nella sede di Via Agostino Gallo, che anche recentemente è stata pubblicata sul catalogo del Centre Pompidou in occasione della personale di Buren a Parigi. Questa lunga [...]

Jota Castro

27.09 - 15.11.2003

Per la sua prima personale in Italia, Jota Castro (Perù 1965) focalizza la propria attenzione sulle situazione politica odierna; tutti i lavori in mostra mostrano un forte interesse verso il contesto internazionale nel particolare momento della Presidenza Italiana dell’Unione Europea. Nella sua [...]

Ghada Amer

17.05 - 30.07.2003

Ghada Amer artista egiziana, da tempo trasferitasi a New York, presenta nella sua prima personale italiana cinque opere inedite di grandi dimensioni pensate dall’artista per lo spazio della galleria con le quali, grazie alla traccia labile del filo sulla tela parzialmente dipinta, cita episodi [...]

Paolo Chiasera

Spazi Circoscritti

29.03 - 05.05.2003

Paolo Chiasera presenta per la sua prima personale alla Galleria Massimo Minini un progetto sul tentativo di instaurare, attraverso l’esperienza, una possibile relazione con lo spazio architettonico tramite concetti definiti che abbiano nell’ ‘alternativa’ il loro costituirsi linguaggio. [...]

QU. 2 In what city? – Curated by Luca Cerizza

01.02 - 23.03.2003

The second appointment in the series QU. presents a collaboration between the German artist Manfred Pernice and American artist, for years a resident of Germany, Sean Snyder. Albeit with totally different modalities and formal results, both Pernice and Snyder have for years investigated the [...]

Dan Graham

A new Pavillion

23.11 - 26.01.2002

Francesco Simeti

28.09 - 02.11.2002

The first solo show in Italy of Francesco Simeti (Palermo 1968 – lives and works in Brooklyn) opens the new exhibition season of the gallery. During the past year, Francesco took part in several shows in Italy – “Officina America” curated by Renato Barilli, at Villa delle Rose in [...]

QU. 1 What space? Fuzzy – Curated by Luca Cerizza

18.05 - 27.07.2002

Fuzzy is intended to provoke thought about the problems connected with living space, design, architecture, and town planning, through the work of five new-generation artists from Italy and abroad. Fuzzy – which can be interpreted as “indistinct”, “confused”, “vague” – is a term [...]

Dara Friedman

22.03 - 11.05.2002

Dara Friedman, a young Miami-based artist, has her first Italian solo exhibition in our gallery. Her videos experiment with reality via the senses – tension, excitement, temptation, obsession, and provocation are shown through a powerful combination of images and sounds. Using neither dialogue [...]

Didier Vermeiren

Solides plastiques

02.02 - 16.03.2002

Nel 1995 DIDIER VERMEIREN (nato a Bruxelles nel 1951) rappresentava il Belgio nel padiglione della Biennale di Venezia. Da noi aveva già esposto, giovanissimo, nel 1976. Altre due mostre sue erano state allestite nella nostra galleria nel 1981 e nel 1988. Possiamo dire di averlo accompagnato dai [...]

Sabrina Mezzaqui

Il pomeriggio è troppo azzurro

22.09 - 24.11.2001

“…se ti fai prendere dalle cose da fare, le cose poi ti portano. A volte per lavorare occorrono umiltà e disciplina. Raggiungere quel delicato equilibrio tra distrazione e concentrazione. Lasciare galleggiare quei pensieri che solitamente restano in sottofondo…” (Sabrina Mezzaqui, [...]

Haim Steinbach

19.05 - 15.09.2001

Maurizio Donzelli

Macchina dei Disegni

20.01 - 20.01.2001

Lo Scrittore ha un amico Pittore con una speciale passione per il Disegno. Il disegno del Pittore esce da ogni dove nella casa-studio: appeso al muro in vecchie e nuove cornici, appoggiato su tavoli, su pile di dischi, su provvisori mucchi di libri in attesa di essere letti e catalogati, a volte [...]

Ryan Mendoza

Dipinti e disegni

25.11 - 15.01.2001

Ryan Mendoza, nato a New York nel 1971, ha vissuto per qualche anno a Napoli e dal 1999 vive a Monaco dove sta preparando una mostra alla Galleria Klüser in contemporanea con noi. La scorsa estate il MART di Trento, al Palazzo delle Albere, gli ha dedicato una mostra e un catalogo con una trentina [...]

Peter Halley

15.09 - 10.11.2000

PETER HALLEY (1953) inaugura il 15 settembre (fino al 10 novembre) la sua seconda personale nella nostra galleria. Sulle due pareti principali sono disposte sei tele di formato relativamente piccolo rispetto agli standard dell’artista (cm.180 x 130). Sei tele come spazi laterali in un tempio, [...]

Carla Accardi


27.05 - 15.09.2000

Un gruppo di opere inedite del 1976. Carla Accardi torna nella nostra galleria con la sua terza personale (1983, 1990) presentando un gruppo inedito di opere, tutte eseguite nel 1976. Sono lavori molto elementari dove il materiale plastico semirigido (il sicofoil), che l’Accardi ha utilizzato [...]



07.04 - 20.05.2000

Marco Mazzucconi

Safe Zero

04.03 - 01.04.2000

L’artista milanese torna ad esporre dopo una pausa di due anni, interamente dedicata all’elaborazione concettuale e operativa di “Safe Zero”, un programma linguistico per computer, che presentiamo qui per la prima volta in Italia. “Safe Zero” è un programma la cui funzione è estrarre [...]

Sabrina Torelli

Apparati di cattura – Curated by Francesca Pasini

15.01 - 28.02.2000

In due ambienti interagenti Sabrina Torelli ha disposto i suoi “Apparati di Cattura”, ovvero un accumulo di strati visivi che rimandano a quell’energia sottile e magmatica che colpisce l’interesse, la memoria e l’intuizione. Oggi siamo catturati da reti di informazioni che richiedono [...]

Alessandra Tesi

Opale 00 – Curated by Francesca Pasini

23.10 - 31.12.1999

“Opale 00” allude all’anno 2000, alla sigla di un colore e al brillìo instabile, opalescente, perlaceo di questa pietra preziosa.  Una luce che Alessandra Tesi ottiene arricchendo la tela con microbiglie di vetro che si amalgamano alla luce della proiezione, creando così [...]

Sabrina Mezzaqui

Messaggi inviati

05.06 - 30.07.1999

Perché la vita non è come un film? , si domanda Sabrina Mezzaqui in una lettera inviata da Pantelleria. Voleva stare lontano da Bologna, dalle sue abitudini quotidiane, e fare di questa esperienza la materia prima di una mostra. Così dal 10 ottobre 98 al 10 gennaio 99 si è “isolata” a [...]

Vanessa Beecroft

17.04 - 30.05.1999

ALCUNI PENSIERI DI VANESSA BEECROFT TRATTI DA INTERVISTE. “La presenza delle ragazze in persona è una forma esplicita di un rapporto intenso col quotidiano.” “Uso le persone nello spazio di un’opera per dare un’immagine della qualità bidimensionale. Il fatto che ricordino una pittura e [...]

Anish Kapoor

21.12 - 11.04.1999

Giulio Paolini

02.12 - 13.02.1999

Bernar Venet

Lignes Indéterminées

20.09 - 15.11.1998

BERNAR VENET espone alla Galleria Minini, Brescia, da Domenica 20 settembre ed inaugura da noi una stagione un po’ speciale, vagamente celebrativa, quella del venticinquesimo anniversario della Galleria. In quest’ottica di celebrazione, cosa meglio del monumento? e VENET ci propone [...]

Bertrand Lavier

05.06 - 30.07.1998

Anish Kapoor

22.03 - 01.06.1996

Stefano Arienti

05.05 - 28.10.1995

Marco Mazzucconi

12.03 - 29.04.1995

Patrick Corillon

Trappola per orsi

25.11 - 23.12.1994

Sol LeWitt

Outdoor Structure

15.12 - 06.02.1993

Maurizio Nannucci


05.11 - 30.11.1991

Alberto Garutti

27.02 - 06.04.1991

Carla Accardi

29.09 - 24.11.1990

Bertrand Lavier

19.01 - 03.03.1990

Giulio Paolini


07.10 - 18.11.1989

Daniel Buren

Del colore della materia

08.06 - 02.09.1989

Mario Nigro

Dipinti satanici

13.04 - 03.06.1989

Sol LeWitt

7 Structures

19.11 - 23.12.1988

Didier Vermeiren

14.05 - 01.10.1988

Luigi Ontani


27.03 - 28.04.1984

Carla Accardi

03.12 - 17.03.1984

Giuseppe Salvatori


12.10 - 26.11.1983

Pietro Fortuna, Felice Levini, Giuseppe Salvatori, Salvo

11.10 - 12.11.1983

Italia vota

23.06 - 08.10.1983

Pietro Fortuna

Cose esatte cose meno ma certamente esemplari

27.05 - 08.10.1983

Shirazeh Houshiary

18.05 - 11.06.1983

Sessanta opere per i 10 anni della Galleria

16.04 - 18.06.1983

Sessanta opere per i 10 anni della Galleria, con opere di: Anselmo, Icaro, Andre, Calzolari, Klein, Tuttle, Kosuth, Boetti, Merz, LeWitt, Gilardi, Christo, Fulton, Graham, Paolini, Salvo, Judd, Schifano, Barry, Cadere, Art&Language, Fabro, Zorio, Buren, Mochetti, Toroni, Long, [...]

Betrand Lavier

21.03 - 14.05.1983

Maurizio Corona

15.12 - 30.01.1983

Daniel Buren

13.12 - 18.01.1983

Sol LeWitt

Wall Drawings

14.10 - 11.12.1982

Sol LeWitt

Disegni e Wall Drawing

13.10 - 11.12.1982

Luciano Fabro

Italia a pennello

15.04 - 30.05.1982

Giorgio Pagano

Dal Risorgimento italiano all’Europa Levigo

02.04 - 08.05.1982

Claudio Olivieri

Opere su carta 1958-1981

26.03 - 26.03.1982

Paolo Icaro


06.02 - 06.03.1982

Giuseppe Salvatori

10.12 - 27.02.1982

Giulio Paolini

Casa di Lucrezio

27.11 - 30.01.1982

Alighiero e Boetti, Alberto Garutti, Paolo Icaro, Luigi Ontani, Salvo. Sette opere nuove

30.10 - 05.12.1981

Niele Toroni

Galleria Allegria 1

30.09 - 15.11.1981

Nino Bertolazzi, Jacopo Castellazzo, Sergio Dotti, Cesare Fernicola, Agostino Perrini

06.06 - 26.09.1981

Paolo Colombo

01.06 - 24.10.1981

Didier Vermeiren

08.05 - 30.05.1981

Francesco lo Savio

27.04 - 02.05.1981

Claudio Olivieri, dipinti

14.03 - 18.04.1981

Alberto Garutti


10.02 - 07.03.1981

Luigi Ontani

02.02 - 27.04.1981

Alighiero Boetti

La Natura, una faccenda ottusa

19.12 - 30.01.1981


Sei nature morte


Luigi Ontani

I profeti – La raccolta della Manna

26.10 - 26.10.1980

Robert Barry

06.06 - 18.10.1980

Santi Sircana, esperienze in spazi di colori complementari

23.05 - 29.05.1980

New York 1980. Alice Adams, Rosemarie Castoro, Linda Francis, Jody Pinto, Lynn Umlauf

22.04 - 21.05.1980

New York 1980. Alice Adams, Rosemarie Castoro, Linda Francis, Jody Pinto, Lynn Umlauf, exhibition by Hal Bromm Gallery, New York at [...]

Claude Rutault

Positif négatif n. 3

27.03 - 24.04.1980

Jacopo Castellazzo

22.02 - 20.03.1980

Marco Magrini

11.12 - 16.02.1980

Ulrich Erben

28.10 - 08.12.1979

Michele Zaza

30.09 - 20.10.1979

Five italian artists


New works. Five Italian artists Alighiero Boetti, Paolo Icaro, Mario Merz, Giulio Paolini, Michele Zaza presented by Massimo Minini (also known as Massimo Minini Show or, more easily Five Italian artists), an exhibition curated by Massimo Minini and hosted at Hal Bromm Gallery in New [...]

Mario Merz

La bottiglia di Leyda

01.07 - 23.09.1978

Incontro con Claude Rutault

04.05 - 04.05.1978

Claude Rutault/Colette

Positif négatif n. 2, quatriéme proposition

22.04 - 04.05.1978

Michele Parisi/Marco Gastini/Claude Rutault

Positif négatif n. 2, troisiéme proposition

21.03 - 21.03.1978

Carel Balth/John Hilliard/Claude Rutault

Positif négatif n. 2, deuxiéme proposition


Claude Rutault/Roberto Comini/Francesco Matarrese

Positif négatif n. 2, premiére proposition

12.01 - 11.02.1978

Otto opere di pittura contemporanea II

17.12 - 08.01.1977

Otto opere di pittura contemporanea I

25.11 - 16.12.1977

Paolo Icaro e Salvo

21.10 - 19.11.1977

Ian Wilson


16.05 - 16.05.1977

Claudio Olivieri

18.02 - 07.05.1977

Paolo Icaro

You, space

08.01 - 30.01.1977

Incontro con Jean Christophe Amman, tema: La funzione del Museo

16.12 - 16.12.1976

Giulio Paolini

04.12 - 30.12.1976

Incontro con Achille Bonito Oliva, presentazione del libro Le Avanguardie diverse. Europa-America

03.12 - 03.12.1976

Dan Graham


20.11 - 04.12.1976

Alighiero Boetti

Alighiero e Boetti

30.10 - 13.11.1976

Niele Toroni

Impronte di pennello n. 50 ripetute ad intervalli regolari di 30 cm circa. Lavoro/pittura di Niele Toroni

02.10 - 23.10.1976

Gabor Attalai

04.06 - 25.09.1976

Renato Maestri

12.05 - 31.05.1976

Ken Damy

03.05 - 09.05.1976

Alberto Garutti

13.04 - 30.04.1976

Angela Ricci Lucchi/Yervant Gianikian/Milan Grigar/Antonio Paradiso

Una settimana dedicata alla proiezione di film di diversi autori

02.04 - 10.04.1976

Una settimana dedicata alla proiezione di film di diversi autori dal 2 aprile al 10 aprile: 2 Aprile – Milan Grigar 3 aprile, 5-7 aprile – Antonio Paradiso 8-9 aprile – Yervant Gianikian e Angela Ricci Lucchi, opere recenti 10 aprile – Yervant Gianikian e Angela Ricci [...]

Didier Vermeiern

06.03 - 27.03.1976

Giorgio Griffa

10.01 - 28.02.1976

Intervento di Marlis Gruterich: conversazione sul lavoro di Anselmo, Beuys, Richter, Buren, Broodthaers, Palermo, Merz, Fulton, Polke

18.12 - 18.12.1975

John Hilliard


Diego Esposito

Un lavoro articolato su tre piani visivi

18.10 - 22.11.1975

Richard Long

02.10 - 17.10.1975

Guglielmo Achille Cavellini

Cavellini 1968. Opere bruciate, distrutte e riproposte

10.09 - 27.09.1975

Stephen Willats

11.06 - 06.09.1975

Maurizio Benvenuti

Mnesterofonia: concentrico-organico ovvero sulla nascita della tragedia estetica

07.06 - 07.06.1975

Andre Cadere

20.05 - 06.06.1975

Maurizio Nannucci

Sessanta verdi naturali

15.04 - 05.05.1975


01.04 - 12.04.1975

Collettiva, con opere di: Schifano, Kounellis, Ryman, Judd, Ben, Hartung, Salvo, Paolini, Newman, Andre, [...]


Salvo, variazioni sul Tricolore 1971-1973

15.03 - 29.03.1975



15.02 - 03.03.1975

Zvi Goldstein

04.02 - 12.02.1975

Francesco Clemente

11.01 - 04.02.1975

Daniel Buren

Gotico II. Sviluppo

30.11 - 24.12.1974

Daniel Buren

Gotico I. Lavori di Daniel Buren in uno spazio dato

29.11 - 24.12.1974

Renato Maestri

Formalismi negativi: settimo frammento estratto dal G.V.

05.11 - 20.11.1974

Michele Zaza

Dissoluzione – Mito e Stile

12.10 - 30.11.1974

Valentino Zini


22.05 - 08.06.1974

Giorgio Griffa

27.04 - 18.05.1974

Victor Burgin

04.04 - 27.04.1974

Bernard Aubertin

09.03 - 30.03.1974

Sarenco: “Poesie Copiate”

07.02 - 07.02.1974

Giuseppe Chiari

02.02 - 04.02.1974

Marco Gastini

10.01 - 31.01.1974

Collettiva di Natale

14.12 - 05.01.1974

Collettiva di Natale, con opere di: Ceroli, Turcato, Dias, Rotella, Boetti, Mochetti, Grygam, Parmiggiani, Guidi, Anselmo, Magrini, Fulton, Camnitzer, Chiari, Nigro, Verna, Pistoletto, Arcelli&Comini, Castellani, Munari, LeWitt, Reggiani, Lohse, Max Bill, Manzoni, Fontana, Ben, Tornquist, [...]

Luis Camnitzer

24.11 - 15.12.1973

Collettiva inaugurale

27.10 - 17.11.1973

Collettiva inaugurale, con opere di: Mel Bochner, Giuseppe Chiari, Hamish Fulton, Marco Gastini, Gilbert & George, Giorgio Griffa, Les Levine, Sol LeWitt, Roman Opalka, Ben Vautier e Dorothea [...]