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Yona Friedman

Sculpting the Void – une proposition de Yona Friedman avec Le Fonds de Dotation Denise et Yona Friedman

26.01 - 29.05.2020

“I was often trying to define architecture as sculpting the void. Indeed, the material that makes architecture is penetrable empty space. You can appreciate it from inside.
But emptiness in itself is not visible. Something must contain it. Architectural space is contained generally within a box. Architects’  work is most often to conceive that box.
Sculpting space can be achieved also by creating negative space, i.e. space around objects, that means space like a “mold” of those objects. That work also falls into the domain of architecture.
Thus the technique of architects produces the box as hardware, but architecture as art is the software, space within and around the box. The box itself is simply a special kind of ordinary sculpture, eventually enhanced through painting, for example murals.
An exhibition of any kind refers to both techniques of the architect in supplement to the topic of the exhibition: the space. We call it installation, in common language.” Yona Friedman