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Daniel Buren

Cinquant’anni dopo. La nona mostra. Lavori in situ e situati

23.09 - 11.11.2023

July 2023

The art year begins in September and ends after Basel, in July. This year it is very warm and everyone is looking for fresh ideas to not get burned. I don’t want to interrupt this need and disturb with false cultural proposals. We all know very well that gallerists always try to sell… We too, ça va sans dire. But this time it’s different. It’s so hot that we lost all desire for mercantile aggression. See you in September, we open on the 23rd with Daniel Buren who will surprise you with a brand new exhibition. And he will surprise us too. In fact, he has not yet told us what he has decided to do. Better this way, thanks Daniel. We are exempt from writing. We don’t know what to declare.We can tell you that 50 years ago Buren was planning his first exhibition with us. He arrived with a roll of colored papers and…

September 2023

Today, 21st September, the situation in the gallery has completely changed. Daniel arrived last Thursday. He was not carrying a roll of papers under his arm, but he sent as many as twenty rolls of fabric with 8.7cm vertical stripes, then he cut them, sewed them and arranged the different colours together. They are now hanging from the gallery walls and the gallery has a radically different look. An incredible number of works, almost thirty, are displayed at this exhibition. We look forward to seeing you all here…

Massimo Minini