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Massimo Minini Gallery will present a unique event for the opening of the new exhibition season: a large Anish Kapoor’s installation which will be specially created for the gallery. The English artist’s sculpture explores the surrounding space and changes the viewer’s perception, as the work involves the whole environment.

Like the enormous sculptures installed in the Baltic Flour Mills in Gateshead, in piazza del Plebiscito in Naples and in the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern in London, also on this occasion the artist makes use of plastic material, black pvc.
The viewers can experience the sculpture from a close point of view and interact with it being fascinated and attracted by its flexuous form.

Anish Kapoor’s works blur the boundaries between object and architecture and show an open character that results in a dialogue between fullness and emptiness, inside and outside, concavity and convex, tension and balance. The vacuum is a metaphor of creation and plays an essential role in sculptural forms with a sensual, almost uterine character, that embodies protective places, spots of existence. The viewer is captivated by this synthesis of sensuality and materiality, where the quality, dimension and colour of matter radiate energy that you can hardly escape.

This is Kapoor’s third one-man exhibition at the Massimo Minini Gallery, the previous ones date back to 1996 and 1998.

During the exhibition there will be meetings with guests who will talk about the artist’s work and the art in general.

Thursday 7 October 6 p.m. Camilla Baresani, writer
Thursday 28 October 6 p.m. Valerio Terraroli, university professor and art critic