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Sean Snyder/Manfred Pernice

QU. 2 In what city? – Curated by Luca Cerizza

01.02 - 23.03.2003

The second appointment in the series QU. presents a collaboration between the German artist Manfred Pernice and American artist, for years a resident of Germany, Sean Snyder. Albeit with totally different modalities and formal results, both Pernice and Snyder have for years investigated the linguistic structures that characterize the urban landscape of modernity and contemporaneity.

Their research concentrate in particular on the most banal, popular and standardized aspects of the architectural languages, often “sub-products” and derivates of the modernist utopia of functionality and progress, and their relationship with day to day life and personal experiences. Through an approach that is narrative and/or documentary and which combines different sources, Pernice and Snyder investigate the power structures and social dynamics hidden behind the use of these languages.

For Galleria Massimo Minini the two artists will present an absolutely original project of collaboration, through a selection of intentionally-created art works.