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QU. 1 What space? Fuzzy – Curated by Luca Cerizza

18.05 - 27.07.2002

Fuzzy is intended to provoke thought about the problems connected with living space, design, architecture, and town planning, through the work of five new-generation artists from Italy and abroad.

Fuzzy – which can be interpreted as “indistinct”, “confused”, “vague” – is a term borrowed from science and used by Andrea Branzi to refer to his thoughts about aesthetics, architecture, and design. Fuzzy logic refers not so much to a state of confusion and chaos as to inexactness, openness, flexibility.

Applying “Fuzzy” logic means showing possibilities that go beyond the Hegelian logic of thesis – antithesis – synthesis to arrive in a more open place where nature and science, planning and chance, can find a new dialogue.
A common theme in the works is a critique, often ironic, of Modernist language, addressing the definition of space and environments, with design, architecture, and installation, the synthesis of organic and mathematical reference. They use different ways to examine nomadic and changing spaces in the inhabited landscape.

The works on display cause a radical redesign of the gallery using various media – sculpture, video, photography, sound, light – creating a new, constantly changing, multi-sensory environment.
One of the many “jobs” / possible re-definitions of a space.

A catalogue in English and Italian by Luca Cerizza will be published after the opening of the exhibition.

On the evening of the opening the duo BHF will give a performance of electronic music in the area next to the gallery.