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Sheila Hicks/Nedko Solakov

Flying colors in yarn and water

18.11 - 14.02.2024

I can say that with Sheila Hicks our gallery’s programme took an unexpected detour. The introduction and the use of textiles, fabrics, yarns, shifts the attention towards areas that have so far been unexplored or rather, explored by isolated artists who are pioneers of a very contrasting research, from the dominant, cold and rational conceptualism, which has opposed – until was able – a “warm” line that originates from Eva Hesse, from Allan Kaprow’s happenings, from Louise Bourgeois, from Sonia Delaunay, artists who take custody of the materials and transform them, through minimal shifts of meaning, into an unexpected triumph of the poor over the rich, of the weak over the strong. Of course in the end it is always the little David who wins the giant Goliath.
Nedko Solakov, six times invited to Venice for the Biennale, is an innovator, creator of visual tales and an investigator of the contradictions of human existence. His work develops in the form of storytelling that is both humorous and subversive, colorful, happy, subtly ironic.

Flying colors in yarn and water is the title that unites the two exhibitions: a fusion of visual narratives obtained by mixing the mastery of Sheila Hicks, who transforms Ariadne’s (or Penelope’s) threads into modern works, and the poetically provocative approach of Nedko Solakov, who tells fairy tales of the wolf, of the gnomes, of the microbes and the giants, of the Lilliputians frightened in front of the immensity of the Universe, of the planets, of the celestial.

Massimo Minini