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Giulio Paolini’s work Zeusi e Parrasio, after which the exhibition is named, refers to two Greek painters of the late classic period. Zeusi and Parrasio are the creators of lost works, historic figures whose biographic profile is rather vague, and sometimes merges with legend. In the work, the reference to Zeusi and Parrasio provides the chance to reflect on the continuous challenge that every artist faces with his work and on the paradoxical impossibility of  the author’s victory over himself.

The exhibition also presents Scena Muta (the author’s room), 1998-2007, a great work that once again analyses the author’s role in art, and the smallest room in the gallery will contain twenty-four drawings and paper collages.

Another feature presented is Per un verso o per l’altro e altro ancora, a new edition of two volumes, in a case, published by the gallery in collaboration with L’Obliquo. 75 copies of the volume contain a graphic by the artist.