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Giulio Paolini

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Often linked to the Arte Povera movement, Giulio Paolini is best known for an artistic practice that is inscribed in a more strictly conceptual sphere. From the outset of his career, Paolini has developed a complex research centred as much on the artist’s tools as on the figure of the artist as an operator of language and accomplice of the viewer.
The main characteristics of his artistic expression include citation, duplication and fragmentation, which are used as expedients for staging the distance between a finished model for making the work a ‘theatre of evocation.’ Articulated and composed designs, centred on additive dynamics (ordering, repetition, juxtaposition) and centrifugal forces, (explosions and dispersions starting from the centre) or centripetal ones (concentration, superimposition, joining), accompany the procedures drawing from a vast store of cultural mythologies and memories that are recaptured in photography, collage and plaster casts.
More recently, Paolini’s incessant investigation of the definition and purpose of the work has been insistently concerned with the act of exhibiting, which he sees as the fundamental moment of encountering the work. From 1969 onwards Paolini worked intensely in the theatre, for many years in collaboration with Carlo Quartucci. In addition to invitations to the Venice Biennial (1979, 1976, 1984, 1993, 1997) and to Documenta in Kassel (1977, 1982, 1993), the 1980s also brought an increasing number of personal exhibitions in museums in Italy and abroad and publication of books containing his writings, as he assiduously complemented his work with writing.

Giulio Paolini. Disegno geometrico, 1960

Fabio Belloni, Corraini Edizioni-Fondazione Giulio e Anna Paolini, Mantova-Torino 2019

ISBN 978-8875707620

L’autore che credeva di esistere

Ed. Johan & Levi, 2012

ISBN 978-8860100245

Dall'Atlante al Vuoto in ordine alfabetico

Electa, 2010

ISBN 978-8837077181

Dall’Atalante al Vuoto in ordine alfabetico

Ed. Electa, 2010

ISBN 978-8837084493

L'Ora X. Né prima né dopo

Ed. Mondadori Electa, 2009

ISBN 978-8837071639

Giulio Paolini. Un viaggio a distanza

Ed. Nomos, 2009

ISBN 978-8888145280

Giulio Paolini. Catalogo ragionato 1960-1999

Ed. Skira, 2008

ISBN 978-8876249631

Per un verso o per l'altro E altro ancora. Giulio Paolini e Massimo Minini

Ed. l'Obliquo, 2007

Giulio Paolini: Fuori Programma

Ed. Silvana, 2006

ISBN 978-8836607006

Quattro passi. Nel museo senza muse.

Ed. Einaudi, 2006

ISBN 978-8806184728

L'ora X. Catalogo della mostra

Ed. Gli Ori, 2004

ISBN 978-8873361091