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Peter Halley e Alessandro Mendini

20.03 - 17.05.2008

Massimo Minini is delighted to announce a collaboration between artist Peter Halley and architect
Alessandro Mendini at Galleria Massimo Minini.
In their first collaborative effort, Halley and Mendini will transform the Massimo Minini Gallery into a
Gesamtkunstwerk, combining Halley’s paintings on canvas and wall paintings by Mendini. Mendini’s
wall paintings, covering the entire main hall of the gallery, are designed to respond to the colors and
shapes of Halley’s six new compositions, which in turn are a subtle homage to Mendini’s oeuvre. Both
artist and architect use geometry and vibrant colors in their work. Their distinct, conceptual approaches
has created a rich and unpredictable dialogue, reinscribing the existing gallery interior. To bring this
ambitious project to fruition, Peter Halley’s studio in New York, Atelier Mendini in Milan, and the
Massimo Minini Gallery in Brescia have worked in close contact, collaborating through the exchange of
emails for the better part of a year. This unique exhibition concept produced a rich exchange between two
artists with greatly different personalities.