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glimpses, the third solo show of David Maljković at the gallery, presents elements coming from both the Gallerist and the artist. The exhibition revolves around a network of different signs, fragments, transformations of artifacts that refer to the worlds mentioned.
The artworks, in dialogue with the visitor in the white space of the gallery, come from objects which, immobilized sometime in the transparence or in the whole color of the resin, become bearers of new ideas through their finite blocked shapes. The daily object, that often belongs to the design sphere, is here frozen into a single definitive form, reset, or better modified to become something else: new substance and shape, but also ideological vector for new starting points.
The new form and content fascinate the observer’s eye, dominating with their presence in the space and forcing us to a reverential silence. The genetic modification given by the artist generates a surreal mutation. The object appears in its evidence, even if frozen in the resin, and disrupts the image, allowing multiple readings of the work.
This process of understanding stresses an ambiguous, open relationship to the finished work, challenging the discourses of development and novelty: the traces of the working process, in the most literal sense, are clear in the substance and charm the observer, generating new potential.
The seriality in the works and gestures makes the artist deal with the complexities of the time: once more, the artist’s practice is self-referential, uses earlier works and previous displays, generating potential new content within it. Maljković’s method becomes exhibition content, able to formulate a carefully structured dramaturgy of exhibition. But at the same time, he reveals his intimate approach with the object and the substance, meant to convey with this exhibition the immediacy of the artistic process.