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Dara Friedman, a young Miami-based artist, has her first Italian solo exhibition in our gallery. Her videos experiment with reality via the senses – tension, excitement, temptation, obsession, and provocation are shown through a powerful combination of images and sounds. Using neither dialogue nor music, the constant repetition of the soundtrack inspires the rhythm of the setting and the action, which is often aggressive, unpredictable, and provocative for the viewer.

In ‘Whip Whipping the Wall’, a Super 8 film, the artist destroys the wall of a house with a whip – recalling some episode in the past of deep significance. The violent and repetitive actions, accompanied by the metallic sound of the whip against the wall, create an atmosphere of tension and expectation.
Another video ‘Wild Dog’ shows a sequence of images of stray dogs wandering around the chaotic city of Miami. The dog – epitome of the domestic animal – is portrayed here in a state of desolation. Through imaginative editing of images and sounds of the overcrowded city, the artist presents the lives of the roaming dogs which, although abandoned, appear to want to reclaim their natural instinct – to be free.