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This is not a press release.
But, please, keep reading. The murderer is only uncovered in a thriller’s last page.
As I have already stated in a text written for a similar event (How NOT TO Write a Press Release), a press release must be in disguise and appear to be something else.
If you have got this far, it means we have found the right formula.
Starting Saturday 27th February, a substantial number of new works by Peter Halley will be on show at the Gallery, alas strictly by appointment, since we are back in a “reinforced” orange zone.
The show includes a series of paintings specifically conceived by Peter, who has already had four solo exhibitions with us: in 1997, 2000, 2008 and 2012.
This is an important show because, in these hard times, it represents a challenge for us in terms of organization and investment, and also a commitment to the work of the artist who, for the first time in Europe, presents his brand-new shaped paintings.
These works are a new take on his classic geometric paintings: the characteristic depth of his artworks subsists, yet the irregularity of the perimeter makes them mobile, unstable, in a sort of precarious balance.
Halley is the most important American artist of his generation (the 1980s).
A contemporary of Jeff Koons, Haim Steinbach, Meyer Vaisman… from the very start, these artists set out to bring change into American art in the wake of minimalism and conceptualism.
It is all about capturing the readers’ attention, luring them to open that email ─ personally I bin anything that resembles a press release. So, we need to disguise it as something else, such as a tale, a story, an anecdote.
Today’s story is that our latest book is ready: it is a tome of 800 written pages plus the images and we are waiting for a publisher that we may very well never find. The book has a really beautiful cover designed by ROBERT BARRY.
It might come out at the end of the year… Should anybody be interested, please drop me a line.