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For his first one-man exhibition at the Massimo Minini Gallery, Hans-Peter Feldmann (Dusseldorf, 1941) presents a group of works through different media, first of all photography and sculpture.

Hans-Peter Feldmann started his research at the end of the seventies, when he focused his attention on the idea of originality and on the topic of art reproducibility, dealing also with questions pertaining to the art market. By producing a number of copies that he never declared, the artist brings into question the existence of an original work and the fetishism for uniqueness.
The interest for collections and records is an important aspect in this German artist’s work. Some of his works look like real collections of images formed by press cuttings, postcards, photographs. The subjects are often common people’s portraits and photographs shot by the artist himself. Collecting images and objects belongs to the human natural instinct for filing things in order to understand the sense of our own environment.

This continuous flow that elaborates ideas and perceptions is described by Feldmann borrowing a passage from Chuck Berry’s autobiography: “First, it happens; second, I realize that it has been done; third, I reproduce what has been done; and fourth you will realize what I have produced”.
Feldmann’s work has influenced at least two generations of European artists. With his always consistent style, the artist creates continuous recontextualizations of the most familiar, often banal objects, cataloguing their platitudes and giving them new meanings and associations.