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What is Rama de Monedas?

Dead easy, it is Pinocchio!

In the Field of Miracles, the Fox and the Cat dig a hole in the ground to plant the gold coins that the puppet was carrying, having promised him that one day they would grow into trees and multiply.

Pinocchio is a gullible simpleton; actually, he is made of wood, so what can we expect!

Wilfredo Prieto’s second show at the Gallery springs from this fable, a fantastic odyssey of the imagination (as, indeed, was his first one), the universal delusion that wealth is there at hand for everyone to grab and that all the best things are possible, even for miserable me, and also for you, distracted reader.

So Wilfredo tries to make us dream with small stage tricks, with children’s fantasies.

“Play-mate” is a machine that, from the bottom of the large room, throws tennis balls towards visitors who walk into the gallery. It throws the balls against a large white piece of canvas suspended from the ceiling. Modified stamps juxtaposed in pairs. A map looks out from a high up small window, perhaps also waiting to make us rich. A large ring of fire draws our attention and creates suspense, as in a circus.

If it does not succeed, at least it will give full rain to our creative imagination, between surrealism and situationism,

where everything seems possible, even a money tree that shoots coins like one of those gaming machines we can find in the corner of the local pub or in amusement arcades.

Massimo Minini