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Sabrina Mezzaqui

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Sabrina Mezzaqui manages, through a reflective process of self-imposed discipline, to revitalize and express in concrete images and objects the essential detachment from words. The principle of distance, cultivated in the secret rooms of an intimacy that is reflected in her life choices and her periods of isolation and “suspension”, reverberates in a practice – as minutely detailed as it is compulsive – where construction and deconstruction succeed one another. What emerges in all her work, governed as it is by the unwritten rules of a relationship with the world filtered through a literary and diaristic dimension (like a constant background sonority), is the magical concreteness of doing and of a highly concentrated and iterative manuality which is seductive in its meticulous adherence to the apparent simplicity of a sign (or gesture) immersed in the temporal suspension of the ritual. It is almost a way of exorcizing the ineluctability imposed by external, exterior rhythms while, at the same time, being an evocative reference to the “feeling” of memory.

Appello ai meditanti

catalogo Galleria Nazionale - Palazzo della Pilotta, Parma, 2014

The Dormancy of the Seed

Bengal Art Lounge, Dhaka, 2012

Sabrina Mezzaqui, L’ombra delle cose

ed. L’Obliquo, Brescia, 2012

ISBN 978-8888845982

La realtà non è forte - opere di Sabrina Mezzaqui

catalogo Museo Civico d’Arte, Modena, 2010

Apocalittici e integratori. Utopia nell’arte italiana di oggi

MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, Electra, 2007

Come acqua nell’acqua

Quaderni di Sant’Elmo, ed. Electa, Napoli, 2007

ISBN 978-8851004927

One Severn Street

Birmingham, UK, 2006. p.6-9

S. Mezzaqui, C’è un tempo

catalogo GAM, ed. Hopefulmonster, Torino, 2006

C. Christov-Bakargiev, R. Daolio, F. Pasini e P. Doroshenko, Sabrina Mezzaqui

ed. Gli Ori, Siena 2002