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Arazzi e Reti

TheMerode is pleased to present Maurizio Donzelli’s exhibition Arazzi e Reti , curated by Daniella Ferretti.
Tapestries, in particular those created in the historical period from the Middle Ages to the early years of the Renaissance, exerted a strong fascination on Maurizio Donzelli. The absence of perspective, the dreamlike and enigmatic themes, and the fairy-tale atmospheres are the traits that most piqued the artist’s interest.
For the exhibition, we will discover the approach of Maurizio Donzelli to making art that is rooted in philosophical considerations of the nature of perception, and how visual phenomena such as colour, images, and art itself affect the way we see and understand reality. He considers drawing both an intellectual and technical pursuit, and it is central to his practice. Donzelli’s work also features mirrors, which he sees as symbols of the process of perception.