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Quartz Studio, Torino

Quartz Studio is pleased to present a special project conceived as a dialogue between Isabell Heimerdinger (Stuttgart, Germany, 1963) and Jonathan Monk (Leicester, UK, 1969).
Heimerdinger and Monk, partners in life and art, reflect on Italy, starting from their experience in Rome several years ago to create an exhibition where their memories mingle with visions of grand tour travelers. A multitude of inspirations and techniques pile into the space: the Le Silence neon, Heimerdinger’s mosaic diptych, Monk’s collection of magnets, a boot-shaped wooden board, après Luciano Fabro (which becomes a base for Heimerdinger’s ceramic works). Themes of sacredness and irreverence, play and death are sparked by the powerful intersection of Heimerdinger and Monk’s work in this two-person show at Quartz in Turin.