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in “Mehr licht!” (Più luce!)

The last words spoken by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe before his death give the title to the next exhibition of Casa Masaccio.

The concept of light has been a fundamental element of the history of art, as well as an essential means for the vision and transmission of colors in space and, since the sixties of the last century, has become an integral part of the expressive language of art.

The artist Alberto Garutti takes part in the exhibition that brings together artists of various nationalities and generations whose works focus on perceptual phenomena and on the idea that light itself can be both the subject and the object of art.
The journey of light has very remote sources, has crossed myth and metaphysics, theology and art, arriving secularized in our daily lives, trapped in our control and our operation. Becoming the material of our objects and the object of our work, it calls for a different perception of the world, a different posture of the body, a much more liquid boundary between inside and outside.