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in FUTURA. Measuring Time

Ceal Floyer is one of the artists involved in the group show “FUTURA. Measuring of Time”. The exhibition is based on questions about the future: What is time and how can it be artistically represented and measured? And how can the future be imagined? The starting point of this unusual exhibition is a work of art: Bogomir Ecker’s (1996-2496) “Dripstone Machine”. Designed to last an unimaginable 500 years, it runs through the entire gallery of the present from the roof to the basement. If everything goes smoothly, the machine will have formed stalagmites and stalactites about 5 cm in size over this period. That doesn’t sound very spectacular, and yet an exciting intellectual journey into the future begins while we wait spellbound for the next drop to fall. What will the future look like, how do we want to shape it?