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Ettore Spalletti. Il cielo in una stanza

The first exhibition that celebrates the great master of contemporary art a few years after his death.

A selection of works, including painting and sculpture, rewrite the spaces of the Central Hall transforming it into a landscape that expresses the meaning and scope of the artistic research of Ettore Spalletti, protagonist of a solitary path and characterized by features of uniqueness in the history of Italian contemporary art, starting from the beginnings in the seventies, crossed the swirl of the avant-garde from a perspective detached, original and strongly coherent.

Rigorous choices and a very clear visual education have placed a limit to primary geometric shapes and colors of choice, such as blue, white, gray, pink and purple. The same applies to sculptural forms, such as the column, an element of tradition, the ellipse, the basin and the amphora. But it is a limit that stretches to infinity, where the golden rules of the artist have the power to amplify the expressive power of his works, from the writing of pure color to the studied interactions with surfaces and environmental dynamics.

The light blue color, which dominates the exhibition, in the form of the monochrome occupies the space and invites the viewer to immerse themselves in this landscape and take part in an emotional experience. The vibrations of the blue color follow the variation of light and atmospheric situations, while even the time of the observer acquires a meditative dimension. The presence of a metaphysical tension that characterized Spalletti’s research, at an artistic and personal level, is therefore evident. The questions about the incorporeal dimension that the artistic object possesses subtend a deep spiritual involvement, the same that guides him in the intent to translate the supernatural into something tangible, to bring the sky into a room.