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Stefano Arienti

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Born in Asola (Mantua) in 1961, Stefano Arienti graduated in Agriculture in Milan. He currently lives and works in Milan. He gained his artistic-cultural training attending Corrado Levis lessons at the Polytechnic, in a lively climate of seminars that included artists such as Richard Long, Daniel Buren, and Tony Cragg. His artistic journey began in the Eighties when, among his first works, he presented folded papers that exploited very simple and repetitive means and procedures which recalled everyday dynamics. In the subsequent decade, the artist works often using extra-pictorial materials, using reproductions of pictures by masters of the past or trite supermarket posters, covering them with malleable material such as plasticine or silicone. In the same period, he began to engrave or perforate materials from popular culture. Arienti works are created by setting out from a conceptual gesture executed on an object which is thus taken out of its sphere of use and acquires an aura. In recent years Arienti has begun to create installation works and exhibitions, shifting analysis from the pure objective datum to the environmental dimension. His research proceeds along with guidelines of a relationship with popular tradition, which has always been one of his characteristics, but is completed by a backward glance at his own art and his own technical achievements, questioning himself on the capacity of art in a strict sense to influence culture in a broad sense.

Stefano Arienti. Fuori registro

ed. Corraini, Mantova, 2017

ISBN 978-8875706500

Arte guarda arte

Postmediabooks, Milan, 2013

ISBN 978-8874900992

L’arte è un romanzo

Silvana Editoriale, Milano, 2013

ISBN 978-8836626342

Quarantanni 1973-2013, Massimo Minini

a+mbookstore edizioni, Milano, 2013

ISBN 978-8887071504

A very light art

Cà Rezzonico, Venezia, a cura di Veronica Bellei and Camilla Selvane, 2013


Silvana Editoriale, Milano, a cura di Alberto Fiz, 2013

ISBN 978-8836626441

Pennellate all’Arte

Silvana Editoriale, Milano, a cura di Chiara Agnello e Milovan Faronnato, 2012

ISBN 978-8875703332

Cantiere del 900

Skira, Milano, a cura di Francesco Tedeschi, 2012

ISBN 978-8857217451

All’Aperto – Stefano Arienti

Trivero, Biella, a cura di Barbara Casavecchia, ed. Ermenegildo Zegna, Trivero, Biella, IT, 2011

ISBN 978-8897703006

La classe non è acqua. Class will Out

GAMeC, a cura di Giacinto di Pietrantonio, 2011

-2+3 Stefano Arienti/Massimo Bartolini: la collezione di Museion

a cura di Letizia Regaglia e Frida Carazzato, Mousse Publishing, Milan, IT, 2011

Italia in opera

Bollati Boringhieri Torino, 2011

ISBN 978-8833922065

Terre Vulnerabili

Corraini ed. Mantova, a cura di Chiara Bertola e Andrea Lissoni, 2011

ISBN 978-8875703004

L’uccello e la piuma. La questione della leggerezza nell’arte italiana

et al. / edizioni, Milano, 2010

ISBN 978-8864630250

Elogio della semplicità

Silvana Editoriale, Milano, a cura di Giorgio Verzotti, 2010

ISBN 978-8861190016

Cosa fa la mia anima mentre sto lavorando

Electa Milano, a cura di Francesca Pasini ed Emma Zannella, 2010

ISBN 978-8837079420

La scultura italiana del XXI secolo

Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, Milano, 2010

ISBN 978-8896132074

Il Museo Privato. La passione per l’arte contemporanea nelle collezioni bergamasche

GAMeC, Bergamo, a cura Giacinto di Pietrantonio e Maria Cristina Rodeschini, 2010