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Sol LeWitt

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Sol LeWitt was a leading figure of Minimalism and pioneer of Conceptual art.
Redefining art production by exploring ideas rather than conventional aesthetics, he distilled art to its essentials. Using the cube as a “grammatical device,” LeWitt’s work is characterized by serialization, repetition, and progression, exemplified by his iconic open-grid structures. Studying systems of line and color, his prolific output of wall drawings represents a breakthrough in his career and solidifies his engagement with two-dimensional practices spanning painting, drawing, photography, and printmaking.
Sol LeWitt was pivotal in the creation of the new radical aesthetic of the 1960’s that was a revolutionary contradiction to the ‘Abstract Expressionism’ current in the 1950’s and 60’s New York school. He had no interest in inherent narrative or descriptive imagery. LeWitt, like no other artist of his generation, had always maintained the importance of the concept or idea and, apart from his original works on paper, the work is executed by others to clear and strict instructions. As one of the first coherent proponents of conceptual art with his writings, Sentences on Conceptual Art (1969), LeWitt’s work continues to be regarded and referred to by a younger generation of artists as one of the seminal investigations into ‘idea’ and ‘concept’ art. He continued to challenge new thinking about what art can be. “If the artist carried through his idea and makes it into visible form, then all the steps in the process are of importance. The idea itself, even if not made visual, is as much a work of art as any finished product.” Stated LeWitt in 1971. “All intervening steps, scribbles, sketches, drawings, failed work models, studies thoughts, conversations, are of interest. Those that show the thought process of the artist are sometimes more interesting than the final product.”

Cuaderno de artista : Sol LeWitt

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Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art, 1990

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