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Paul P.

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    Paul P. is contemporary Canadian artist known for his drawings and paintings of young men. Influenced by the works of John Singer Sargent and James Abbott McNeill Whistler. Paul P. creates gothic imagery of bohemian youths and their milieu; in dreamy contexts, they surf, explore archaic landscapes, and sleep with—or simply observe—one another.
    Paul P.’s work in oil paint and watercolor, as well as his print editions, consistently capture moody, sensual, and tranquil moments. Running the gamut from intimate portraiture to seascapes, motionless buildings, and natural landscapes, the artist’s imagery retains a studied quietness and often draws analogies between the human body and its surroundings. Understated color combinations, rich atmospheric compositions, permeating sexual desire, and an undeniably timelessness all mark Paul P.’s work.
    The artist depicts his subjects—whose images are culled from 1970s gay pornography as well as his own snapshots—with a delicate reverence. “The figures in my work—anonymous and interchangeable—are caught in the moment of change, when they are successfully removed from their context, freed from degradation,” he said of his work. “I am searching for analogies and the touching of hands between the past and the present.”
    Born in 1977 in Canada, P. earned his BFA from York University, and later worked as a studio assistant for the renowned artist Stephen Andrews. In 2001, he exhibited his first portraits of young men, many of which were inspired by source material from the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archive. In recent years the artist’s interests in transience, desire, cataloging, and notation has expanded to include landscapes and their abstraction, and to sculptural works in the form of furniture. P. currently lives and works between Paris, France and Toronto, CA. Today, his works are held in the collections of The Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, and the Brooklyn Museum, among others.

    Doe Ye Nexte Thynge


    Last Flowers

    Invisible Exports/Downtown Arts, text by Daniel Reich, 2012

    The Radiant Guest ì


    The Pink Book

    Daniel Reich Gallery, 2010, text by Harold Montague

    Venice, Venice

    Marc Selwyn Fine Art, 2009

    Paul P.- When Ghost Meets Ghost

    Peter Hujar, Maureen Paley, 2008, text by Vince Aletti

    ISBN 978-095397591

    Blue and Silver

    Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, 2007, text by Francois Jonquet, 2007


    POWERHOUSE BOOKS 2007, text by Collier Schorr

    ISBN 978-1576873793


    DANIEL REICH GALLERY, NEW YORK 2007, text by David Velasco

    The Yellow Room

    Marc Selwyn Fine Art, 2006, text by Vince Aletti

    Grey and Gold

    Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, 2005, text by Michel Bulteau

    ISBN 2 910055 24 8