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Ludovica Anversa

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    Ludovica Anversa’s painting explores a liminal territory, between figuration and abstraction, embedding personal imageries alongside hybrid theoretical and visual references, without ever referring to a linear narrative.

    Vulnerability and the relationship between perception and representation of the body are recurring themes in her work.

    Her process is deeply grounded in the idea of deconstruction and stratification, creating a continuous shifting between presence and absence, evocative potential and negation of the image.

    The figures inhabiting her paintings are uncanny and metamorphic presences that coexist simultaneously and reveal a subterranean complexity, contaminating each other without being annihilated.

    In her work, the body eludes the reassuring idea of its immediate definition and seems to dive and emerge from the surface. Its apparent fading leads to its indirect manifestation, radiographic and spectral, hovering between sensual and disturbing.


    Ludovica Anversa (1996) studied at NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts) in Milan. In 2020 she took part in the residency program of Palazzo Monti (Brescia) and Manifattura Tabacchi (Florence). Anversa has exhibited her work in Italy and abroad, in galleries and foundations including: New Galerie (Paris, 2022); East Contemporary (Entreveaux, 2021); ArtNoble (Milan, 2021); Renata Fabbri Gallery (Milan, 2021); Manifattura Tabacchi (Florence, IT, 2021); Mana Contemporary (Jersey City, 2020); Giorgio Galotti Gallery (Milan, 2020); Adolfo Pini Foundation (2018). In 2021 she was the recipient of the Francesco Fabbri Prize for contemporary arts (Pieve di Soligo).