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Eva Marisaldi

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    Eva Marisaldi was born in Bologna in 1966, where she currently lives and works. Right from her debut Eva Marisaldi attracted the attention of critics not only in Italy for her research along the lines of a subtle and disenchanted intellectual game developed among the weaves work that is multifaceted in terms of choice of language and of the various media experimented with. She moved from drawing to video, from installation to photography and sculpture. Eva Marisaldi sets out each time from the environmental datum in order to construct a path structured on the physical and/or linguistic plane, building up exhibitions in which the artist seems to want to accompany spectators in observation of the work, suggesting choices or contrarily limiting them with obstacles. In this way the theme of the ways in which power operates, the dichotomy of freedom and obligation, the ineluctability of the choice and analysis of social and civic repercussions which all this involves, are transposed from the content plane to the formal plane of the work. With the evolution of her artistic research Eva Marisaldi has passed on to populating her environments with characters who are no longer solely spectators but her own creations, witnesses of a blocked gesturality and deluded volitions. Though deprived of enchantment, the works of Eva Marisaldi bear witness to an artistic gesture that triggers romanticism, not of a sentimentalist drift but of those forms of constructive cynicism that can make us look at the real without taking it for granted.

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    Eva Marisaldi, Grigio nonlineare, catalogo di mostra

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    No soul for sale


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    "Vere e false partenze" in Eva Marisaldi

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    Eva Marisaldi, catalogo di mostra

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    Eva Marisaldi

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