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Armando Andrade Tudela

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Armando Andrade Tudela explores the intersecting interfaces between popular culture, politics and fine art. While frequently using the South American cultural and historical context as his starting point, on a deeper level Andrade Tudela’s work focuses on complex systems of translation and transference; how are aesthetic ideas assimilated and reactivated politically, or socially, at a local level? And more broadly speaking, how are ideas themselves embedded within the fabric of geography and physical topography?
Andrade Tudela moves freely among a wide range of media and material, such as photography and video, sculpture, drawing, installation, while also regularly incorporating elements of craft and design in his work. In his in-depth, research-driven projects, he frequently employs quasi-documentary techniques, such as recorded interviews and on-site photographic explorations, combining them with multiple references to history, politics and popular culture. At the same time, his drawings and objects combine visual directness and technical accomplishment with conceptual complexity.
This characteristic layering and accumulation of references in Andrade Tudela’s does not amass and solidify into clear-cut historical interpretations or commentaries. Instead, by focusing on sites of temporal and geographic slippage, Andrade Tudela parses the hidden inner rhymes and subtle discordances within cultural history, ultimately undermining and even dismantling the cultural and historic framing structures his work examines.

Selected Works – 2003-2012

Published by Les presses du réel, Dijon, 2013

ISBN 978-2840665618


Published by Asociacio ón Museo de Arte de Lima, MALI, Lima, 2012

ISBN 978-2840665618

Armando Andrade Tudela Efectiviwonder

Published by Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, 2011

ISBN 978-1904864486

YES on X NO on X

Published by Documentos Diamante, St Etienne and Carl Freedman Gallery, London, 2008

Armando Andrade Tudela Nine Image Of The Glass House And One Portrait

Published by it: Editions, Paris, 2007

ISBN 978-2917053027

Inka Snow

Published by Documentos Diamante, St Etienne, 2006

Armando Andrade Tudela Camion

Published by Counter Gallery & Koenig Book, London, 2004

ISBN 978-3883758312