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The Seventies: Lenzuoli

Museo Correr’s initiative marks Accardi’s 100-year anniversary. Although she lived in Rome, Accardi maintained a personal and professional link with Venice throughout her life. In 1948 she made her debut at the Biennale, returning in 1964 with her own room and an introduction in the catalogue by Carla Lonzi. She returned in 1976, 1988 (own room) and 1993, and her work was shown posthumously in 2022. Works, photos and other documentary material confirm her relationship with Venice, including a photo from 1952, during the time of her show at Galleria del Cavallino, when she visited the Guggenheim collection with her husband, the artist Antonio Sanfilippo, and Tancredi Parmeggiani. Curated by Pier Paolo Pancotto, the Venice project is an homage rather than a retrospective exhibition. The limited selection of work is arranged in the form of an installation that interacts with the museum’s historical rooms. Despite their singularity, these rarely seen works fully represent her artistic research and, in their own way, summarise her creative journey.