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TANZ AUF DEM VULKAN. Storie dalla Collezione Morra Greco II

TANZ AUF DEM VULKAN is the new exhibition of the Morra Greco Foundation, an exhibition project that brings together a selection of works of painting, sculpture, installation, photography and video from the Morra Greco collection. The works on display interrogate the legacy of modernism through a critical reading of society and individual life in late capitalism.

The title refers to a 1938 German musical inspired by a phrase uttered by the then German Foreign Minister, Gustav Stresemann, who described German society in the midst of a turbulent situation of change as “dancing on a volcano”.

There will be works of Candice Breitz, Adriano Costa, Lothar Hempel, Evan Holloway, Judith Hopf, Jonathan Horowitz, Jim Lambie, Miltos Manetas, Win McCarthy, Ryan Mendoza, Helen Mirra, Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, Daniel Pflumm, Hannah Starkey, Simon Starling are presented , John Pilson, Tim Rollins & K.O.S.