Paolo Novelli. La Fotografia come differenza

opening Thursday 3 October, until November 3, 2019

Triennale, Viale Alemagna 6, Milano – IT


With a selection of 40 images from five projects by the photographer Paolo Novelli, the exhibition focuses on a creative period from 2002 to 2013, illustrating the origins and consolidation of a personal style. The series of images reveals an essential approach to photography, freed from time and place, which Giovanni Gastel has described as the “photography of solitude”. The other, technical aspect highlights the timeless vision of Novelli, who adopts just a single discipline: that of analogue photography.

The works are on film, in black and white, with no use of flash or filters, and printed by hand. To create these analogue photographs, he takes a premeditated, anarchical approach to the use of this camera. The selected projects examine the main theme of Novelli’s artistic research, which is that of incommunicability: closed doors, tunnels, mists, windows and death chase each other through his projects over a period of little more than a decade.

For more information: Novelli-La Fotografia come differenza

Paolo Novelli, Night untitled n. 26, 2004
Stampa a mano da pellicola B/N
30 x 40 cm

© Paolo Novelli