My sister is always with me - low res

Book presentation: Bianca e blu. Monica Bolzoni

Wednesday 6 March, 7 pm

Fondazione Sozzani – bookshop, corso Como 10, Milano

Free admission

Monica  Bolzoni’s playful  approach  to  dress is characterized by an extensive  engagement  with  the  worlds  of  the  performing  arts: Vanessa  Beecroft and  Letizia  Cariello are  just  some  of  the  artists  who  have  collaborated  with  her.



Letizia Cariello, My sister is always with me, 2008

Cibachrome print, 120×90 cm

© Galleria Massimo Minini



Una scala appesa al cielo as part of the permanent collection of Hangar 2173

Pavillon du Mont Fréty, Courmayeur – IT



Una scala appesa al cielo consists in a staircase with cable sections of the old Mont Blanc cableway instead of the pegs. The wool weaving re-evokes, moving up and down between the rungs, the movement of the cabins that come and go. The red of the wool, which warms up, means energy: propulsion and heat. But the red threads also materialize a thought that reaches the heights always first, then followed by the body. Line of the spirit, of desire and of aspiration.


Letizia Cariello, Una scala appesa al cielo, 2018

Steel, rope pieces and wool weaving, site-specific