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Three Ball Total Equilibrium Tank and other problems

Quartz Studio is pleased to present Three Ball Total Equilibrium Tank and other problems, an edition by Jonathan Monk (Leicester, UK, 1969), purposely conceived for the Turin non-profit space. The project of this edition, following the one of Poster (Manifesto), realized in collaboration with Maurizio Nannucci in 2014, was pending since the exhibition Cool Your Jets (2016), resulting from a dialogue between Liam Gillick and Jonathan Monk on the topics of soccer and economy. Now, within the expanded time of the health emergency, that idea finally takes shape in order to support Quartz through the production of an edition of 10 (+1 AP). On the occasion, three installations have been produced. Each of them is composed by seven hexagonal cement tiles replicating the colors of the original Quartz floor cement tiles and three balls realized in Germany in 2016, thanks to the technical advice of Giulia Mainetti from Altofragile studio, Milan. The original project for the exhibition Cool Your Jets – writes the critic Marco Scotti – was born from a conversation between Jonathan Monk and Liam Gillick, in which to the questions posed by the latter related to themes of contemporary sociology, the former replied with quotations from the world of football.