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in Understudies: I, Myself Will Exhibit Nothing

Understudies: I, Myself Will Exhibit Nothing is an exhibition curated by the artist Iman Issa, whose work often takes the form of displays featuring multiple elements and where text plays a central role. The curator reflects on her artistic methodology through the prism of a group exhibition. In order to unfold this introspective venture, the exhibition brings together works by artists, writers, and filmmakers, who each create their own parameters and universes within their practice. Many of the selected works touch upon notions of illustration, portraiture, and self-narration. The artist Haris Epaminonda will exhibit one of the books, taken from the ongoing project The infinite library, she made through the recombination of pages from one or more found publications; the concept for each new volume develops gradually, starting from the content of the original book and the associations that unfold in the process of making.