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in Poetica del semplice. Moda e design secondo Monica Bolzoni/Bianca e Blu

This exhibition is dedicated to Monica Bolzoni and to her historic brand and perfomative place Bianca e Blu to tell her experience as a fashion designer in order to explore the process which has animated her creativity. The poetic of the simple is the essential ingredient; it gave life to a unique language achieved making highly selective choices. The object of her research are the archetypes of the feminine, according to precise study of modular forms. The result is a contemporary and sophisticated canon of elegance which enhance the real body of the woman.

Letizia Cariello is part of this collective exhibition with My Sister is Always with Me: a performance in which the artist turns into art seven pieces in jersey by Bianca e Blu. This is the first work for which the artist used her face and body, a work physically engaging: holding a pose copied from a painting requires not only identification.