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Il tuo cielo è verde

Curated by Olga Gambari, the exhibition presents some works that tell the story of the last few years, together with site-specific creations, with a declination that connects to the present time and to the specific location of the exhibition. Il tuo cielo è verde presents several families of works.

Gates is a series of windows weaved with red wool thread and nails which create passages between inner and outer space. By creating passages, they heal bonds and rebuild lost connections. They are possibilities of crossing in multiple directions with the body, or with the gaze. They define everything we need: to look outside, through the grate – which is not always a prison – formed by the weaving of wool.

While in Letizia Cariello’s photographic work, the shots fix the objects, extrapolating a visible element from the flow of time in which we are immersed. The embroidery and the artist’s interventions on the photographs are gestures of affective care, they take on the value of remedies, making visible the hidden links between things.