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Et in Arcadia ego

It is announced as one of the most anticipated inaugurations of the program which sees the Civic Museums, Achille Forti Gallery of Modern Art and ArtVerona collaborate for the 2023 edition.
From 15 October to 3 March 2024, at Palazzo della Ragione, it will be possible to visit Giulio Paolini’s new project entitled “Et in Arcadia Ego”, curated by Patrizia Nuzzo and Stefano Raimondi.

In Et in Arcadia ego, which also gives the title to one of the works on display, Paolini stages the visual tale of an artist who addresses with renewed creativity the “deceptions” of representation – such as copying, mimesis, perspective, constant elements of his research – in favour of a kind of conceptuality that renews the complex chessboard of meanings around the work of art.