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Territori intermedi

The exhibition at “Castello Ursino” Civic Museum, curated by Filippo Maggia and promoted by Fondazione OELLE Mediterraneo Antico in collaboration with Archivio Basilico, is an absolute preview.

The selection of photographs reveals a completely new approach from the rich artistic production left by Basilico: these are photographs made as studies or left aside for precise needs arising from the client.

The “intermediate territories” are tangible physical spaces, but also mental spaces, induced in the observer by voids, by absences determined by pauses and silences in the visual construction of the image. 

Carmelo Nicosia, Director of the OELLE Foundation SAYS: “These are photographs that exude passion, that surpass the professional job and that make us appreciate a private and romantic dimension of the artist. Basilico emanates visions, a kind of sensory approach to the alchemy of images, and governs the construction of the frames as Renaissance paintings with the harmonies of composition and light”.