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Carta bianca. Una nuova storia. 49 artisti x 49 copertine

Invited by Valentina Ciarallo on the occasion of the White Issue Vogue Italia, 49 Italian artists have transformed the prestigious magazine from content to container, writing a new story on white paper: The white image desired by Vogue Italia for the April 2020 cover expresses through the the presence of an event antithetical to a context dedicated, by its specific nature, to beauty and the joy of living is disconcerted. The white that represents the principle of the vital phase, a sign of hope and trust, becomes a creative stimulus for artists capable of adhering to our contemporaneity. Back to vibrate, powerfully visionary, reinterpreted through personal readings. The surface, like a canvas, a sheet, a space capable of accommodating innovative requests, becomes a collective tale animated by different languages, techniques and materials. From painting to embroidery, from photography to ceramics, from collage to customization with A.I.

With this project, the spaces of Villa della Rinchiostra, seat of the museum dedicated to the sculptor Gigi Guadagnucci, opens up to the artists of the present, capable of getting back into the game, of rediscovering new aspirations, of reinventing other expressive ways.