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A Cornered Solo Show #3 (with Charles Esche as my artistic conscience)

“I would love to do a huge solo show in one of the gorgeous halls of the Belvedere’s magnificent building. And in case this happens and I get invited someday, why not figure out in advance what this show would be? The audience of this extremely well-visited museum is hard to please. How should I prepare myself? “Go to that corner, you 65-year-old dreamer, and until you have a really clear idea of what this solo show of yours will look like, you must stay there, cornered!” said my artistic conscience in the shape of an old friend (and prominent curator) Charles Esche.

Bulgarian artist Nedko Solakov’s artistic intervention, A Cornered Solo Show #3, will not be on view in the prestigious galleries of the Upper Belvedere; instead, it can be found in an inconspicuous corner of the museum’s coatroom. In this transitional space between arrival and departure, Solakov engages visitors with the themes of his art and wittily involves them in an inner dialogue with his artistic conscience.