Ombre d’azur, transparence 

until November 3, 2019

Nouveau Musée National de Monaco – Villa Paloma, 56 boulevard du Jardin Exotique, Monaco – MC

The Nouveau Musée National de Monaco presents a new project by Ettore Spalletti (b. Cappelle sul Tavo, Pescara, 1940), curated by Cristiano Raimondi and specially designed for the premises of the Villa Paloma. Thirty works are on display in seven environments on the three floors of the villa.

Spalletti, Rosa livido, oro, 2012_300dpi dett 1The spaces conceived and created by the artist show all aspects of his work, though not in chronological order, with significant new works alongside historical ones, both from his studio and from important private collections.

For more information: Spalletti – NMNM





Ettore Spalletti, Rosa livido, oro, 2012

color mixture on board, gold leaf, 80 x 80 cm

© Ettore Spalletti & Galleria Massimo Minini



Campo Abierto (Open Field)

until September 29, 2019

The Bass Museum of Art, 2100 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, Florida – U.S.A

Domaine_Des_Etangs_052018_photo_Arthur_Pequin_L4A8835_HIC2018-1509-1024x683Grouping works of art from various periods, Campo Abierto (Open Field) explores the formal, social and environmental aspects of landscape that have been present, yet rarely examined, throughout Sheila Hicks’ expansive career.  The exhibition brings together several large-format installations, as well as more intimately-scaled works, that utilize and transform the architecture of The Bass’ upstairs galleries.

For more information: Hicks – Bass Museum

© The Bass Museum of Art


Tra immagine e performance

until December 22, 2019

MAXXI, via Guido Reni 4A,  Roma – IT

CAT, Giosetta Fioroni nel suo studio, Roma, 1975 300dpiThe exhibition features slides, colour photos, vintage prints, correspondence and proofs, documents recounting the complexity of the creative process. In particular, the exhibition investigates the relationship between the photography of Elisabetta Catalano and performance art, presenting portraits of a number of artists including Joseph Beuys, Fabio Mauri, Vettor Pisani and Cesare Tacchi during the preparatory phases of the performative process.

For more information:

Elisabetta Calano. Between photography and performance


Elisabetta Catalano, Giosetta Fioroni nel suo studio, Roma, 1975

Gelatin silver print, 99×70 cm

© Archivio Elisabetta Catalano and Galleria Massimo Minini

Group exhibition: Obiettivi su Burri – Fotografie e fotoritratti di Alberto Burri dal 1954 al 1993

until September 12, 2019

Collezione Burri, Sede Ex Seccatoi del Tabacco – Via Francesco Pierucci snc., Città di Castello – IT

burriThe exhibition “Obiettivi su Burri – Fotografie e fotoritratti di Alberto Burri dal 1954 al 1993” for the first time, makes a comprehensive survey of the major and most assiduous professionals of photography who have portrayed Alberto Burri at different times and circumstances of his life. Among the many professional photographers identified, there are photographic works by A. Amendola, G. Basilico,  G. Colombo, G.Gorgoni.

For more information: Obiettivi su Burri


Gabriele Basilico, Alberto Burri ex seccatoi del tabacco, 1991

Color print, 80×142 cm

© Archivio Gabriele Basilico

Stefano Arienti. Fiori

opening March 26, until June 31, 2019

Chiostri di Sant’Eustorgio, Piazza Sant’Eustorgio 3, Milano – IT

The exhibition begins with a series of flowers painted on paper lead the visitor to reflect on the theme of the necropolis and the practice of the cult of the dead, and continues in the basilica of St. Eustorgio; here we can see references to popular decoration, such as carpets dyed black or red. Reinterpretations of works of art such as the “Sunflowers” and “Irises” by Van Gogh, whose backgrounds, covered with gold and silver sheets, recall the continuity between still life painting and icons.

For more information: Arienti – Fiori


Stefano Arienti, Sei fogli astratti , 2012

Tempera and acrylic on paper, 150×100 cm

© Galleria Massimo Minini

Group exhibition: Prospettiva Arte Contemporanea

opening March 14, until May 7, 2019

Gallerie d’Italia, Piazza della Scala 6, Milano – IT

The exhibition “Prospettiva Arte Contemporanea” offers a cross-section of Italian and international artistic research, through the works of artists belonging to several generations and active from the second half of the twentieth century to the present day.


For more information: Icaro – Prospettiva Arte Contemporanea


Paolo Icaro, Fregio, 2009

Painted bronze, 10×72×7 cm

© Galleria Massimo Minini

Jonathan Monk. Exhibit Model Four – plus invited guests

opening March 10, until July 21, 2019

KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art, Am Sudhaus 3, Berlin – DE

Exhibit Model Four is an installation consisting of walls covered in photographic wallpaper throughout the M1 exhibition space. The photographs, mostly in black and white, show his own works from the past twenty years in various exhibition contexts. At KINDL, Monk will combine these works, depicted on photographic sheets, with actual artworks by other artists from his personal collection.

For more information: Monk – KINDL



Jonathan Monk, The World in Gay Pride Flags , 2013

Fabric collage, 150×245 cm

© Galleria Massimo Minini

Luigi Ghirri. The Map and the Territory

until June 02, 2019

Jeu de Paume, 1, place de la Concorde,  Paris – FR

This first retrospective of photographs taken outside his native Italy by Luigi Ghirri (1943- 1992) focuses on the 1970s. It covers a decade in which Luigi Ghirri produced a corpus of colour photographs unparalleled in Europe at that time.


For more information: Ghirri – Jeu de Paume


Luigi Ghirri, Versailles, 1984

Vintage C-print, 53.8×62.4 cm framed

© Galleria Massimo Minini

My sister is always with me - low res

Book presentation: Bianca e blu. Monica Bolzoni

Wednesday 6 March, 7 pm

Fondazione Sozzani – bookshop, corso Como 10, Milano

Free admission

Monica  Bolzoni’s playful  approach  to  dress is characterized by an extensive  engagement  with  the  worlds  of  the  performing  arts: Vanessa  Beecroft and  Letizia  Cariello are  just  some  of  the  artists  who  have  collaborated  with  her.



Letizia Cariello, My sister is always with me, 2008

Cibachrome print, 120×90 cm

© Galleria Massimo Minini



Una scala appesa al cielo as part of the permanent collection of Hangar 2173

Pavillon du Mont Fréty, Courmayeur – IT



Una scala appesa al cielo consists in a staircase with cable sections of the old Mont Blanc cableway instead of the pegs. The wool weaving re-evokes, moving up and down between the rungs, the movement of the cabins that come and go. The red of the wool, which warms up, means energy: propulsion and heat. But the red threads also materialize a thought that reaches the heights always first, then followed by the body. Line of the spirit, of desire and of aspiration.


Letizia Cariello, Una scala appesa al cielo, 2018

Steel, rope pieces and wool weaving, site-specific