Haim Steinbach. every single day

until September 15, 2019

Museion, P.za Piero Siena, 1, Bolzano – IT

Steinbach has worked on the concept of display since the start of his artistic career and his art is expressed through the selection, composition and presentation of everyday objects. At the centre of his research there is also a contemporary comparison with key modernist elements, such as form, colour and composition. The exhibition at Museion, which has been created in close collaboration with the artist, reflects this research and therefore calls into question both the way objects are presented and the perspective of the viewer.


For more information: Steinbach – every single day

Haim Steinbach, Untitled (lampand teapot), 2001

Mixed media

© Haim Steinbach & Galleria Massimo Minini

Group exhibition: Straperetana

opening July 6, until August 10, 2019

Associazione culturale Straperetana, via delle Piagge 8, Pereto – IT

The name of the exhibition project, straperetana, alludes to a dimension proudly “of the country”, but extended, amplified: the artists’ interventions will be placed in relation with the place, in an attempt at dialogue between contemporary and ancient, which will offer a new reading of a context already full of history.


For more information: Icaro – Straperetana



Paolo Icaro, Linea di equilibrio, terra cielo, 2014-2018

Stainless steel, environmental dimensions

© Michele Sereni & Galleria Massimo Minini

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© Fondazione Mario Merz

Group exhibition: Mario Merz Prize 3°Edition. The finalists

until 6 October, 2019

Fondazione Merz, via Limone 24, Torino – IT

A group exhibition of the shortlisted artists of thr 3rd Edition of the Mario Merz Prize. The winner will be commissioned to produce a new site-specific solo exhibition at Fondazione Merz in November 2020, coinciding with Artissima.

For more information: Maljkovic – Fondazione Merz


David Maljkovic, Mario Merz Prize 3°Edition. The finalists, exhibition view, 2019, ph. Renato Ghiazza

© Fondazione Mario Merz & David Maljkovic



Group exhibition: Deep Sounding – History As Multiple Narratives

until 11 August, 2019

daadgalerie, Oranienstraße 161, Berlin – DE

Deep Sounding – History as Multiple Narratives brings together artists with a shared interest in exploring the factors and background narratives that generate multiple perspectives on history. A particular focus of this presentation, which also includes works by current and former guests of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program, are the subjective historiographies that emerge as a result of multiperspectivity.

For more information: Maljkovic – daad



David Maljkovic, Studio, 2012

Framed oil and print on canvas mounted on aluminum, 11×16.2 cm

© David Maljkovic & Galleria Massimo Minini

Mathieu Mercier. LOOPS

opening June 21, until September 22, 2019

Frac Normandie Caen, 7 bis rue Neuve Bourg l’Abbé, Caen – FR

This monographic exhibition is the first by Mathieu Mercier in the new building by Frac Normandie Caen. This is an opportunity for the artist to approach his works in a specific approach to time and space and to produce new works. Immersed in darkness, the LOOPS exhibition offers a journey in which the recurring forms developed by Mathieu Mercier are sublimated into spectacular works that respond to the size and constraints of the exhibition spaces.

For more information: Mercier – LOOPS


Mathieu Mercier, Sans titre (mini vitrine+gants), 2015

Glass case and gloves, 28x86x56 cm

© Mathieu Mercier & Galleria Massimo Minini

Group exhibition: L’arte del gol

opening June 19, until September 8, 2019

Chiostri di San Domenico – Via Dante Alighieri 11, Reggio Emilia – IT


The exhibition L’arte del gol , offers a look at the in Italian art of the twentieth century in over 60 works coming from public museums and foundations where protagonists, movements, groups and languages alternate, from painting to sculpture, from photography
to the installation, where football is the protagonist.

For more information: L’arte del gol



Titina Maselli, Stadio III, 1978

Acrylic on canvas, 130×195 cm

© Galleria Massimo Minini

Roger Ballen. The Body, the Mind, the Space

until September 8, 2019

Fondazione Sozzani, Corso Como 10, Milano – IT

Fondazione Sozzani presents the exhibition “The Body, the Mind, the Space” by Roger Ballen, fifty photographs from the seventies to the present day, a video and a site-specific installation. Rogen Ballen is one of the most important and original contemporary photographers, investigating the invisible with often disturbing images, suspended in a space between painting, drawing, installation and photography. Ballen creates photographs on the borderline between reality and imagination.

For more information: Ballen – Fondazione Sozzani


Roger Ballen, Boxed Rabbit, 2012

Gelatin silver print, 40×40 cm

© Roger Ballen & Galleria Massimo Minini

De cualquier manera, trabajos in situ

until August 1, 2019

Museo de Arte Italiano, Lima,  Paseo de la República 250 – PE

Among the works presented at the Museo de Arte Italiano, the artist has developed fiber optic
fabrics . In these works, a tension is created between the exhibition space and the work because the latter can be perceived as both textile art with a geometric decoration. Among other works, the exhibition will feature different sets of three-dimensional wall objects.


Daniel Buren, detail of the exhibition, 2019

© Daniel Buren and Museo de Arte Italiano, Lima

The Man Who Measures the Clouds (Monument to the Measure of the Immeasurable)

until November 24, 2019

Palazzo Balbi Valier, sestiere di Dorsoduro, Venezia – IT

The Belgian artist present in some past Biennials – returns to Venice with a “public art project”, a  golden 9 meters sculpture, which presents itself as “a metaphor for the artist who tries to capture the impossible through his work. A human figure, ideally modelled on the body of his younger brother, Emiel, who died at an early age, stretches a ruler over a ladder towards the sky, almost as if to measure the clouds.


Jan Fabre – The Man Who Measures the Clouds, 2019

© ArtsLife.com