WP, Caramelos falsos, 2018_300dpi (1)

Wilfredo Prieto, Caramelos falsos, wrap paper and steel, variable dimensions


WP, Seis naranjas y un robot, 2018_300dpi (2)

Wilfredo Prieto, Seis naranjas y un robot, 2018, oranges and educational robot, variable dimensions


AP1_5978 copia

Calculations and probability of a broken line, 2017, branches and fishing wire, variable dimensions


AP1_6035 copia

Making the most of the kilometrico ballpoint, 2016, ink on paper, 21x 29,7 cm


Untitled (Butterfly vs Buttocks),2014_300dpi

Untitled (Butterfly against Buttocks), 2016, ink on paper, 21,6×27,9 cm


AP1_6032 copia

Negligent colours, 2017, projection, variable dimensions


Plait and Rainbow,2016_300dpi

Plait and Rainbow, 2016, ink on paper, 21,5×28 cm


Prieto_I.V. 2017_third room_72 dpi (4)

Fiori con Chanel, 2011, flowers and perfume, variable dimensions


AP1_6027 copia

Hole of a sock, 2017, cloth, 7 cm ø approx


AP1_6022 copia

Dirty linen, 2017, cloth, variable dimensions