Sheila Hicks, Untitled, 2019, Synthetic fiber, natural threads, textile, 185 cm – 90 cm (variable dimensions)


Sheila Hicks, Untitled, 2019, Synthetic fiber, textile, linen, leather, 85x85x20 cm


Untitled, 2018 300dpi

Sheila Hicks, Untitled, 2018, wool, leather, cotton, linen, 43x43x12 cm



Untitled, 2018, 47x65 cm 300dpiSheila Hicks, Untitled, 2018, linen, 47×65 cm



Sheila Hicks, Untitled, 2019, linen, 73×50 cm


Untitled, 2018 300dpi

Sheila Hicks, Untitled, 2018, textile fibres on wooden support, 70x70cm


Untitled, 2017,50x50 cm_300dpi

Sheila Hicks, Untitled, 2017, linen, cotton, silk on wood support, 50×50 cm



Sheila Hicks, The Twelve Sisters, 2016, wool, leather, cotton, linen, 13 elements, d 30 to 40 cm each


02_Virgin Fields, 2016, 150x150 cm300 dpi

Sheila Hicks, Virgin Field, 2016, natural linen on wooden support, 150×150 cm, DETAIL



Sheila Hicks, exhibition view at Rocca di Angera, 2018



Sheila Hicks, exhibition view at Venice Biennal, 2017