Jonathan Monk, L.O.V.E., 2019, plaster, aluminum, wood, hybrid polymer glue and gesso, 40x30x45 cm



Jonathan Monk, The World In Gay Pride Flags, 2013, version II, fabric collage, 150×245 cm



Jonathan Monk, Il magnete italiano, 2016, cast aluminium, enamel paint, belt, ca 140x70x15 cm



Jonathan Monk, Incomplete… beans II, 2016, bronze cast, 8 sticks, 160x160x5 cm



Jonathan Monk, Nineteen Reasons (why my father might have kept an Observer Magazine from 18 November 1979), 2016

19 photographic prints, unique as set, each 41×59 cm framed



Jonathan Monk, In Relief (my collection of Sol LeWitt books – exact size, shape and occasionally color), 2015
Five panels of coated, cut and sanded mdf reliefs, 125×59,7×5 cm each



Jonathan Monk, Mirror (fade/repeat) II, 2012
Silver coated polished brass plate, silver coated screws, polishing liquid, 40x30x1 cm



Jonathan Monk, Someone Else With My Nose, 2016, marble head with rubber nose, ca 30x30x30 cm



Jonathan Monk, Corner Piece (for Sol Lewitt), 2005, powder coated alluminium, 178x178x8 cm



Jonathan Monk, Say Hallo Wave Goodbye II, b/w print, gouache, 70×100 cm



Jonathan Monk, The Same Time In A Different Place XVIII, 2016, invitation card and c-print, 33×44 cm



Jonathan Monk, Ten Flowers Arranged by Hand (I&II), 2016, white semi-refractory, glaze, 25x30x30 cm



Jonathan Monk, The Letters Of The Alphabet Not Needed By Lawrence Weiner, 2001, coloured pencil on paper, 29,6×41,8 cm


Jonathan Monk, Salvo Magazine Painting ,2018, inkjet print and watercolor on paper ,29,5×20,5 cm



Jonathan Monk, Closed (Detail), 1997, black and white photograph, 30,2×40,6 cm, ed 1/5


Jonathan Monk Selected Meeting Selected (Teatro Romano via dei Musei Brescia 13 settembre 2031 prima del tramonto) 2016 Colored vinyl letters 150 x 230 cm

Jonathan Monk, Selected Meetings Selected (Teatro Romano via dei Musei Brescia 13 settembre 2031 prima del tramonto), 2016

Colored vinyl letters, 150×230 cm