9.10.11 September 2016

Vecchia Pescheria, Corso Vendemini, 51 – Savignano sul Rubicone (FC)

In Olivo Barbieri’s Adriatic Sea (Staged) Dancing People 2015, dancing figures seen from the air are silhouetted against a paradigmatic, almost mythic blue in which improvised yet organized dream-like choreographic forms seem to take shape. The other mythology that asserts itself in the images by this photographer is decidedly contemporary: fun-having and organized tourism, both signs of a commercialized world that is depicted in Pop Art and that introduces all the contradictions between environment and urbanism, tradition and innovation to the coast. To quote Olivo Barbieri: «In Rimini but also in the entire Romagna region the liscio folk dance is extremely popular and highly regarded historically by generations both old and new. The big disco clubs still stand out like cathedrals in the desert. Dancing is a liberating ritual performed against the blue of the sea.»


15 July – 9 October 2016

Villa Manin, Piazza Manin, 10, Passariano – Codroipo

The exhibition brings together images made over a period of 30 years of work. The images were chosen by the author himself doing research in its rich archive, some unpublished some unreleased. It is a selection of about 200 images in which the East and West spatial expressions are compared by one element in common: the artificial light. Europe, Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Cairo, USA, and many other countries are narrated and described by a sequence of images by relating the subjects and forms, sometimes even showing the same in daylight.