Letizia Cariello – CONNECTION, L’arte indaga e il design ricerca

17 december 2016 – 18 february 2017

Palazzo Garzoni Moro, San Marco 3417, 30124 Venezia – IT

At Palazzo Garzoni Moro in Venice, under the artistic direction of Manon Comerio, art and research come together in a cognitive exploration from different analytical perspectives with works by Letizia Cariello and the pieces of MAMM collection, realized by Morelato. On one side the “obsessive and repetitive dimension to explore the world of emotions and identity” which is depicted in the photographs of the artist Letizia Cariello; On the other side the sense of exceptionalism and uniqueness represented by the pieces of the MAAM of the Aldo Morelato Foundation, which tell the history and the evolution of design from the last century until today.
A succession of elements, unrelated for nature, feed the exhibition space and becoming they same tools and languages to decode.