Spazio Contemporanea, Corsetto S. Agata 22 – Brescia

10 September – 9 October 2016

Thu-Fri 15.30-19.30 / Sat 15.30-22 / Sun 15.30-19.30

Galleria Massimo Minini is glad to annouce the opening of Tensioni, the first solo-show in Brescia of the Brescian artist Nicola Rossini. The exhibition is curated by the young cultural association Monochrome also based in Brescia.



9.10.11 September 2016

Vecchia Pescheria, Corso Vendemini, 51 – Savignano sul Rubicone (FC)

In Olivo Barbieri’s Adriatic Sea (Staged) Dancing People 2015, dancing figures seen from the air are silhouetted against a paradigmatic, almost mythic blue in which improvised yet organized dream-like choreographic forms seem to take shape. The other mythology that asserts itself in the images by this photographer is decidedly contemporary: fun-having and organized tourism, both signs of a commercialized world that is depicted in Pop Art and that introduces all the contradictions between environment and urbanism, tradition and innovation to the coast. To quote Olivo Barbieri: «In Rimini but also in the entire Romagna region the liscio folk dance is extremely popular and highly regarded historically by generations both old and new. The big disco clubs still stand out like cathedrals in the desert. Dancing is a liberating ritual performed against the blue of the sea.»


15 July – 9 October 2016

Villa Manin, Piazza Manin, 10, Passariano – Codroipo

The exhibition brings together images made over a period of 30 years of work. The images were chosen by the author himself doing research in its rich archive, some unpublished some unreleased. It is a selection of about 200 images in which the East and West spatial expressions are compared by one element in common: the artificial light. Europe, Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Cairo, USA, and many other countries are narrated and described by a sequence of images by relating the subjects and forms, sometimes even showing the same in daylight.


Haris Epaminonda – VOL.XVIII

4  September – 20 November 2016

Leopold-Hoesch-Museum, Düren – Germany

The central artistic process of HarisEpaminonda represents the collage. Through the precise arrangement of selected objects and visual media she creates atmospheric installations that produce new assemblages between geographically remoted areas. They often employs the use of ready-made that come from different contexts and combine a wide field of possibilities of association. Her poetic works revolve subtly themes such as natural and cultural history, presence and absence, duration and momentariness.

Installation View, Miart 2016 - ThenNow Section in collaboration with Martini&Ronchetti, Genova

Installation View, Miart 2016 – ThenNow Section

The Eighth Climate (What does art do?) – 11th Gwangju Biennale

2nd September – 6th November 6, 2016

Gwangju Biennale111 Biennale-ro, Buk-gu, Gwangju – Republic of Korea

David Maljkovic is invited to attend the 11th Gwangju Biennale in Gwangiu, Korea. In light of the art sphere’s focus on infrastructure in many parts of the world, in the treacherous terrains of existing public and private systems, art itself seems to be partly forgotten. At GB11, attention is directed to artworks and projects addressing the agency of art in terms of the question, “what does art do?” A central part of this interest in the performative aspect of art is its projective and imaginative qualities—art’s active relationship to the future. Other concerns of GB11 include the mediation of art: art’s embeddedness in various contexts and the potential of connecting dots between already existing activities and people near and far.

02 David Maljkovic, Retired Forms, 2008-2011, inject print with pigment colour on the archive paper, oil colour and charcoal, 100x133 cm. 72 dpi



Liverpool Biennal 2016

9 July – 15 October 2016

Tate Liverpool, Albert Dock, Liverpool Waterfront

The artist Betty Woodman has been invited at Liverpool Biennal 2016. This is the third consecutive occasion, after Museo Marino Marini and ICA, London. Liverpool Biennial 2016 will unfold through the landscape of the city. It is organised as a story narrated in several episodes: fictional worlds sited in galleries, public spaces, unused buildings and online, which draw from Liverpool’s past, present and future. She will present a 15 meter long patinated bronze wall fountain, commissioned for this year’s Liverpool Biennial. Her fountain sits in the square at George’s Dock and she will have works on view at the Tate Liverpool and Cains Brewery too.




Mimmo Jodice – Attesa 1960-2016

23 June – 24 October 2016

MADRE, Via Settembrini 79 – Naples

MADRE is pleased to announce Attesa. 1960-2016, the largest retrospective exhibition ever dedicated to the artistic research of Mimmo Jodice (Naples, 1934), one of the undisputed masters of contemporary photography. The exhibition will present, in a specifically designed way for the museum’ spaces, more than a hundred works from seminal experiments on the photographic language of the sixties and seventies up to a new series (Attesa, 2015) realized on the occasion of this retrospective project.

Natura, 1998, opera n.14, stampa al carbone su carta cotone, ed 2_8

Daniel Buren – Observatory of light, Work in situ

From 11 May 2016

Fondation Louis Vuitton, Avenue du Mahatma Gandhi, 8 – Paris

In line with Fondation Louis Vuitton’s commitment to contemporary creation and encouragement of innovative encounters with its architecture, as of 11 May 2016 the Fondation Louis Vuitton will present a temporary work by Daniel Buren. Developed in close dialogue with the building by Frank Gehry – whose architecture serves as an inspiration to artists – “Observatory of Light” will be installed across the glass ‘sails’, the emblematic feature of the building.

The twelve ‘sails’, formed of 3600 pieces of glass, will be covered by a staggering array of coloured filters that are in turn punctuated, at equal distances from one another, by alternating white and blank stripes perpendicular to the ground. The thirteen selected colours will make coloured forms appear and disappear, ever-changing with the time of day and the season. Through a play of colours, projections, reflections, transparencies and contrasts, both inside and outside, Daniel Buren will show this building in a new light.

Foundation Louis Vuitton

Daniel Buren


Roger Ballen –  Theater of the Mind

International Launch

A new video artwork titled ROGER BALLEN’S THEATRE OF THE MIND has landed. The work follows Ballen’s hugely acclaimed video I Fink U Freeky, made with Zef pop group Die Antwoord in 2012 that, to date, has garnered 80-million hits on YouTube. Ballen’s more recent videos include Asylum of the Birds (2014) and Roger Ballen’s Outland (2015), created with artistic director Marguerite Rossouw and director Ben Crossman. ROGER BALLEN’S THEATRE OF THE MIND was shot during the photographer’s recent exhibition at the Sydney College of the Arts, Australia, in March 2016. A psychological thriller, set in a zone between sanity and insanity, dream and reality, the film takes Ballen’s work to the next level.
Haunting and intense, it begins with the world famous photographer giving a lecture on his work. In midstream his narrative is interrupted and he is dragged to dungeonlike asylum where caverns of horror are opened up revealing its inmates. Filmed in underground tunnels, built in 19th Century Australia to house the mentally insane, the work is, in a word, ‘Ballenesque’.
THEATRE OF THE MIND is directed by Roger Ballen, produced by Tanja Bruckner, with artistic direction by Marguerite Rossouw and with sound design by Shaun Hay.


Roger Ballen’s Outland