Group exhibition: Joint is Out of Time

opening January 22, 2019 , until June 02, 2019

Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, viale delle Belle Arti 131, Roma, IT

The exhibition Joint is Out of Time represents a new project that redefines the current production of the permanent collection, renovating it with the works of seven contemporary international artists.

For more information: Joint is Out of Time


Giulio Paolini, Senza Titolo, 1964

Plywood panels, pencil on paper and on wood

© Galleria Massimo Minini

Armando Andrade Tudela. Autoeclipse

opening February 23, 2019 , until May 5, 2019

CA2M – Centro de Arte Dos de Maio, avda. Constitución 23, Móstoles, Madrid, SP

Putting together an exhibition with Armando Andrade Tudela is working and then not working. It’s experiencing a transition – the moment when “The sun refused to set or, no, the Earth refused to move so that the sun could set, yes.” It’s conceiving a space-time in which, in order to preserve them from that fixed mode of existence, the works are maintained in a kind of ambiguity, a process of transformation or of adaptation to paradoxical desires.

For more information: Tudela – CA2M


Armando Andrade Tudela,  Ex trapanacìon, 2017

Charcoal on paper, 65×52.4 framed

© Galleria Massimo Minini

Monsieur Duchamp nous a dit que l’on pouvait jouer ici (with François Olislaeger)

until February 17, 2019

Musée des Arts et Métiers, 292 rue Saint-Martin, Paris, FR

The project designed by Mathieu Mercier combines objects from his own collection with those from the museum’s collections. These pieces have essentially been chosen with regard to the Notes taken by Marcel Duchamp, many of which reveal the process of reflection and execution of his unfinished creation Le Grand Verre – original name La MM, Untitled (work in progress), 2013 ongoing (3)Mariée mise à nu par ses célibataires, même – also mythical work enigmatic.

For more information: Musée des Arts et Métiers


Detail from Mathieu Mercier, Untitled (work in progress), 2013 ongoing
260 different objects in four showcases, 95x35x35 cm each

© the artist and Galleria Massimo Minini

Out of Projection, 2009-2014Group exhibition: Art in the Age of the Internet

opening December 15, 2018 , until April 7, 2019

University of Michigan Museum of Art, Ann Arbor – USA

Art in the Age of the Internet, 1989 to Today examines the radical impact of internet culture on visual art since the invention of the web in 1989.

For more information:

Art in the Age of Internet, U-M museum


David Maljkovich

Out of Projection, 2009/2014

Wallpaper with inkjet print, mounted on alucore

© Galleria Massimo Minini

Group exhibition: Buoni come il pane

until January 13, 2019

Triennale, Viale Alemagna 6, Milano – IT


Buoni come il Pane presents a multi-form interpretation of bread by leading designers, artists, chefs, writers and a famous photographer, for the 120th anniversary of the charity Pane Quotidiano Onlus.

Twenty internationally-famous Italian artists and designers and 10 famous chefs have devised 30 new, surprising types of bread. Both the ceramic versions, produced through the support of Bosa Ceramiche, and the edible ones will be displayed.

For more information: Buoni come il pane




Letizia Cariello, Pane-Merletto, 2018

Pottery and e red cotton thread

© Galleria Massimo Minini

Eva Marisaldi. Trasporto Eccezionale

opening December 17, 2018 , until February 3, 2019

PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea, Via Palestro 14, Milano – IT

03_Senza titolo, 2011, lettere in gesso_ dett

The exhibition adds another stage to the artist’s research with a new thought that starts from his first years of production and arrives to the present day, through a wide selection of past works and the creation of new works designed specifically for the PAC spaces.


For more information: PAC – Eva Marisaldi


Eva Marisaldi, Senza titolo, 2011

9 sentences, plaster letters, variable dimensions

© Galleria Massimo Minini

Mimmo Jodice. Le Savoir Sur La Falaise 

opening December 6, 2018 , until January 20, 2019

Italian Cultural Institute, Rue de Livourne 38,  Bruxelles- BEL

Natura, 1998, opera n.14, stampa al carbone su carta cotone, ed 2_8Through the photographic shot made by Mimmo Jodice on the monastic citadel of Suor Orsola, the photographic exhibition aims to enhance the artistic heritage of the citadel and the prestigious artistic effort of the photographer.


For more information: Mimmo Jodice


Mimmo Jodice, Natura n°14 , 1998

Carbon print on cotton paper, 80×63 cm

© Galleria Massimo Minini

Group exhibition: Lo strano colore del rosso

opening December 1, 2018 , until April 28, 2019

Il Circolo, Via Manzoni, 13, Bellano, IT

The title “Lo strano colore del rosso” is inspired by the poetry “The Rain” by Jorge Luis Borges and, the ArchiViVitali Cultural Association ask to the artists to participate with works  inspired by the flower, aims to be a “dedication” to the artist Giancarlo Vitali in the year of his disappearance.

For more information: Lo Strano Colore del Rosso


Letizia Cariello, Totem, 2014

Olive wood, feathers and gold paint

© Galleria Massimo Minini

Giulio Paolini. Misura per misura

Saturday 25 November, 6 pm

Sala della Loggetta,  Piazza della Loggia 5, Brescia – IT

newsletterPresentation of Misura per misura, Giulio Paolini’s artist book, published by Gitti & Bertelli. It is composed from nine lithographs and a text of the artist, that, even in its brevity, effectively sums up the artist’s poetics.

Edition of 80 + XX numbered copies.


Giulio Paolini, Misura per misura, 2018

Limited edition lithographs, 26×24 cm

© Galleria Massimo Minini