Giulio Paolini. Misura per misura

Saturday 25 November, 6 pm

Sala della Loggetta,  Piazza della Loggia 5, Brescia – IT

newsletterPresentation of Misura per misura, Giulio Paolini’s artist book, published by Gitti & Bertelli. It is composed from nine lithographs and a text of the artist, that, even in its brevity, effectively sums up the artist’s poetics.

Edition of 80 + XX numbered copies.


Giulio Paolini, Misura per misura, 2018

Limited edition lithographs, 26×24 cm

© Galleria Massimo Minini

Group exhibition: Tutto. Prospettive sull’arte italiana

until March 24, 2019

Museion, Piero Siena 1, Bolzano – IT

Fascinating, multifaceted and profound: These are the words that come to mind when describing the Italian art that will be on view in the show Tutto. Visitors will be treated to more than 100 works – mainly paintings and photographs – by more than 30 Italian artists . Most of the artworks date from the early 1950s to the late 1980s.

For more information: Tutto. Perspectives on Italian Art




Carla Accardi, Ricomposte tinte, 1997

Vinyl paint on canvas, 220×160 cm

© Galleria Massimo Minini

Sheila Hicks. Miglador

until February 15, 2019

Magasin III Jaffa, 34 Olei Zion,  Tel Aviv-Yafo – IL

Untitled, 2018 300dpi

The solo exhibition features a series of Hicks’ distinctive and vibrantly-colored sculptures, created from materials ranging from the traditional and natural – such as linen and cotton – to newly researched industrial materials based on new technologies.

For more information: Hicks – Magasin III Jaffa




Sheila Hicks, Untitled , 2018

Wool, leather, cotton, linen, diam 43 cm, 43x43x12 cm

© Galleria Massimo Minini

MULAS L.F._11, Fontana, 50x60 cm con corniceGroup exhibition: Fotografare l’arte

opening Saturday 10 November, until January 13, 2019

Ma.Co.F, via Moretto 78, Brescia – IT

For more information: MaCof – Fotografare l’arte






Ugo Mulas, Lucio Fontana, 50×60 cm framed

© Galleria Massimo Minini

Group exhibition: ?War is over – Arte e conflitti tra mito e contemporaneità

until 13 January, 2019

MAR – Museo d’arte della Città di Ravenna, Via di Roma, 13,  Ravenna, IT

For more information: Mezzaqui – MAR


Group exhibition: La Vita Materiale – otto stanze, otto storie

opening November 17, 2018, until March 3, 2019

Palazzo da Mosto, via Giovanni Battista Mari, Reggio Emilia – IT

For more information: Mezzaqui – Palazzo Magnani


SM06_Libro alambicco e crogiuolo, 2010. Libro Alchimia - , 12x12 cm, e crogiuolo, 9x17, 33 perle di carta, collaSabrina Mezzaqui, Libro alambicco e crogiuolo, 2010

Alchemical book, crucible, 33 paper pearls, glue

© Galleria Massimo Minini


Yamamoto Masao. Microcosm Macrocosm

until December 23, 2018

Alfred Ehrhardt Foundation, Auguststr. 75 D, Berlin – DE

Yamamoto Masao, Kawa #1528, gelatin silver print e mixed media, ed. 10 su 20, 19x12,5cm

For the exhibition at the Alfred Ehrhardt Foundation, Yamamoto is creating a wall installation that inconspicuously integrates selected works by Alfred Ehrhardt. Yamamoto’s work demonstrates a fundamental correspondence between Ehrhardt’s worldview as characterized by natural philosophy and his own, Japanese perspective on nature.

For more information: Yamamoto – Alfred Ehrhardt Foundation




Yamamoto Masao, Kawa #1528, 2016

Gelatin silver print e mixed media, 19×12.5 cm

© Galleria Massimo Minini

Group exhibition: Laid Bare in the Landscape

until 27 January, 2019

Nevada Museum of Art, 160 W Liberty St, Reno, NV, U.S.A

This exhibition assembles photographs, films, and performance documentation by women artists who situate the nude female body in outdoor landscapes.

For more information: Woodman – Laid Bare in the Landscape


Untitled, 1977-78_72dpiGroup exhibition: The Body: Concealing and Revealing

until 31 March, 2019

Addison Gallery of American Art ,180 Main St, Andover, – USA

For more information: Woodman – The Body



Francesca Woodman, Untitled, Antella, Italy, 1977-1978

19×19.4 cm

© Galleria Massimo Minini

Anish Kapoor. Works, Thoughts, Experiments

until January 6, 2019

Serralves Museum and Park, R. Dom João de Castro 210, Porto – PT

Mirror (Apple and Lime Gold to Pink and Wild Cherry), 2016 (6)

The exhibition presents a selection of outdoor works that are representative of Kapoor’s sculptural language for which materiality, scale and the relationships to architecture, the landscape, and the viewer are constitutive. The choice and relative siting of sculptures in the Park of Serralves have been carefully considered by the artist so as to create an itinerary through time, space, perception and meaning.

For more information: Kapoor – Serralves


Anish Kapoor, Mirror (Apple and Lime Gold to Pink and Wild Cherry), 2016

Stainless steel and lacquer, 169 x 169 x 26 cm

© Galleria Massimo Minini

Luigi Ghirri. The Map and the Territory

until January 7, 2019

Museo Reina Rofía, Calle de Santa Isabel, 52, Madrid – SP

Bologna_framed_72 dpiThe Map and the Territory is the first major Luigi Ghirri retrospective to go on show outside the artist’s native Italy. The focus of the exhibition rests on the 1970s, a key period in the expansion of the suburbs and the service economy, the emergence of conceptual art and the mainstreaming of Pop and its strategies of appropriation. Framed inside this context, Ghirri, who used tools and processes from amateur photography — a small Canon camera, colour film –  began to photograph the suburbs of Modena, thus creating an unmatched body of work inside the prevalent art photography   of the time.

For more information: Ghirri – Reína Sofia


Luigi Ghirri, Bologna, 1974

Vintage C-print, 13.7 x 19.6 cm

© Galleria Massimo Minini