David Maljkovic, 2003-2013 

»Scene for new heritage 1« was the title of an impressive filmic work by David Maljkovic dating from 2004. In this work, the artist, who was born in 1973 in Rijeka, Croatia, and now lives in Zagreb, gets to grips with the political legacy of former Yugoslavia and the utopias of a bygone era.

The economic and cultural changes associated with the collapse of the Communist social order and its transformation into a Capitalist social system form the background to his idiosyncratic oeuvre which fundamentally questions the methods of narrative construction and uses as its subject matter the translation of content into an artistic work or the latter’s presentation in the institutional context.
On the occasion of his solo exhibition at Lokremise in St.Gallen, now, for the first time, David Maljkovic has assembled his recent collages in a concentrated form in an art book designed by Toni Uroda.